The Israeli Occupation suppresses Protestors in “The great Fajer Campaign” – Al-Aqsa mosque

The Israeli Occupation suppresses Protestors in “The great Fajer Campaign” – Al-Aqsa mosque


Palestinian worshipers have now new ways to protest against the Israeli occupation and the United States policies in Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa mosque, through “The great Fajer Campaign”, the cold rainy dawn night did not stop worshipers/protesters from marching in high numbers to the mosque.

On the other hand, an Israeli massive army force raided the mosque, attacked worshipers inside and shot sonic bombs and rubber bullets, then arrested number of worshipers.

The occupation authorities also set up an electronic technique that sends messages to worshipers at the moment they enter the mosque that warns them from “starting riots” , which is a new technique that aims to keep worshipers scared and uncomfortable.

Some protesters set up kiosks on the entrance of the mosque and distributed desert , coffee and tea for worshipers , the occupation authorities considered that a “provocative act” and issued 500 -700 shekels tickets against them , they also confiscated what they had.

The occupation also imposed a closure for 15 days on sweets shop in the old city known of Abu Sbaih shop for desserts, as a punishment for distributing sweets for worshipers.

That is not all, the occupation authorities also banned tens of worshipers from approaching the mosques for periods that vary between a week to six month, they also traced number of worshipers to their houses and arrested them from there.

These measurements did not stop Jerusalemites from waking up at the dawn of every Friday , in the cold of the winter to join “The great Fajer Campaign”, sons of Jerusalem are warmed by their love to its streets and corners as they defend it in every possible way, to save it from the teeth of the occupier.


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