The Israeli occupation targets 100 olive trees and agricultural facilities in Humsa At-Tihta hamlet / Tubas governorate

The Israeli occupation targets 100 olive trees and agricultural facilities in Humsa At-Tihta hamlet / Tubas governorate


  • Violation: A notice of removal on trees and agricultural facilities.
  • Location: Khirbet Humsa At-Tihta / the northern Jordan Valley.
  • Date: January 14th 2020.
  • Perpetrator: Department of Antiquities – The Israeli Occupation Civil Administration.
  • Victims: Citizens Mahmoud Bsharat and Hayel Bsharat.


An Officer from the Israeli occupation’s so called department of activities accompanied by a massive army force raided Humsa At-Tihta hamlet in January 14th , heading towards an area known of “Al-Basaliya” in the northern Jordan Valley east Tubas , the occupation gave Hayel Besharat eviction notice numbered (00240) , which includes removing 100 olive trees aging 9 years old , and number of agricultural facilities, beehives, electricity poles , under claims of using a site of antiquities , the occupation gave the owner only 14 days to evict the area.

Reportedly, The notice targets the following:

  • 100 olive trees aging 9 years old.
  • A tent used for poultry raising , built of woods and fabric with an area of 12 m2, it consists o 40 chickens.
  • A house of bricks and a zinc ceiling with an area of 100 m2.
  • A water harvesting cistern with a storage capacity of 45m3.
  • A barn used for cattle breeding , it contains of 70 head of cattle.
  • 8 Electricity poles.
  • 13 beehives.
  • A tent used as a barn for cattle breeding with an area of 60 m2.
  • 60 dunums planted with wheat.

The targeted facilities benefit two families:

  • Mahmoud Hayel Bshrat’s family which consists of 5 family members, among them 3 children.
  • Hayel Bsharat’s family which consists of 4 members among them 2 members with special needs.

Mahmoud Hayel Bsharat (41) told LRC :

“We have been living in the area for more than 30 years , we practice agriculture and cattle breeding for living , during the recent years we were targeted by halt of work and demolition orders in 2014 and 2016, they also confiscated mobile agricultural rooms in 2018 , and demolished agricultural barracks in 2015, despite all that we remained steadfast in our lands , which angered the Israeli occupation , which is now inventing new pretexts for forced eviction, such as claiming that an area is a site of antiquities.”

Photo 1: the notice

Photos 2-9: the targeted facilities in the notice

Humsa At-Tihta hamlet is a part of the northern Jordan Valley , most of its inhabitants are originally from Tammun village (Bsharat and Odeh families), they depend mainly on Herding and agriculture for living , while they live in tents and Barracks , the occupation considers the community illegal, and tries to forcibly displace its people,  the community is inhabited by 86 people, most of them are children in 13 families.



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