Settlers write hatred inciting slogans and Slash car tires in Marda / North  – East Salfit

Settlers write hatred inciting slogans and Slash car tires in Marda / North  – East Salfit


  • Violation: settlers assaults.
  • Location: Marda / North  – East Salfit.
  • Date: October 13,2019.
  • Perpetrator: The “Price tag” gang.
  • Victims: number of citizens from the village.


October 13, In the early morning hours of Sunday , a group of price tag gangsters headed towards the northern neighborhood of Marda north east Salfit , settlers took advantage of night calmness to write hatred inciting slogans and slashing 5 car tires , before running away towards the bypass road.

Noteworthy, this is the third attack of this type this year , the village witnessed an attack in May , and another one in June, and now settlers are carrying out a third attacks leaving a great damages on citizens’ properties.

According to Marda village council , settlers left the following damages:

  • Slashing the tires of a Hyundai accent car that belongs to Shoufi Abu Baker.
  • Slashing the tires of a Volks Wagen golf that belongs to Mohammad Ibdah.
  • Slashing the tires of a Seat car that belongs to Monther Ibdah.
  • Slashing the tires of two cars , one of them is Kia morning and the other is a Kia Rio that belong to Mohannad Mansour.
  • Writing hatred inciting slogans on the wall of Zahi Mansour house.

Munif Al-Khafesh told LRC reporter: “We filed a complaint to the Palestinian Liaison office who coordinated with the occupation police that showed up at the location , but as usual the damages will be registered by an unknown perpetrator.”

 About Marda: [1]

5 km north-east Salfit, Marda is bordered by Jamma’in (north), Kifl Haris (west), Yasouf (east) and Ariel colony on confiscated lands from the south.

Marda has a population of 2375 people in 2017 census. The village has a total area of 8816 dunums, of which 350 dunums are a built up area.

Israeli settlements devoured 2537 dunums , Ariel illegal settlement was built on a big part of them in 1978 , and inhabited by 16053 settlers

Bypass road (505) devoured 261 dunums.

Oslo convention classified Marda lands into B and C  areas:

B areas : (1458) dunums.

C areas : (7358) dunums.




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