Terrible crimes against people of Al-‘Isawiya / occupied Jerusalem

Terrible crimes against people of Al-‘Isawiya / occupied Jerusalem


In the recent three months , the occupation have been practicing terrible crimes against people of Al-‘Isawiya , there are daily arrests and assaults against people of all ages , in addition to daily raids punctuated with bombs and rubber bullets firing.

Recently, the village is closed from both sides , and the occupation troops are on the town’s entrance and exit , searching cars and carrying out arrests and assaults , during the night time, fanatic troops are spread around the village harassing people continuously.

Thursday , June 27, The occupation police shot Palestinian Mohammad ‘Ubaid 20 years intentionally  resulting his death, which was followed by clashes between people of the village and the occupation police , the clashes resulted a blockage on the villages, and the occupation authorities refused to hand over Mohammad’s body to his family , and waited for days then handed the body with conditions on the funeral.

Martyr Mohammad ‘Ubaid

After the funeral, the occupation forces raided the village and destroyed a memorial his family had made for him, to make sure that there won’t be a reminder of their crime.

The occupation police brought  number of the town’ people for investigation, most of them are children and some of them are younger than six years old , among them,  child Mohammad Elyan (4 years old) and Qais ‘Ubaid (6 years old) on the pretext of throwing rocks towards police cars.

Child Mohammad Elyan who was brought for investigation

Al-‘Isawiya village is heavily targeted by the Israeli occupation, the occupation authorities demolished several structures and confiscated vast areas of lands for colonial expansion. They also took over vast areas of its land for the “Jerusalem biblical zoo”.



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