New outpost in Wad Al-Malih / East Tubas

New outpost in Wad Al-Malih / East Tubas


  • Violation: New outpost in Wad Al-Malih.
  • Location : Khirbet Al-Farisiya- Wad Al-Malih/  East Tubas.
  • Date: 21st August 2019
  • Perpetrators: settlers of “Mekhola”.
  • Victims: People of Khirbet Al-Farisiya.


In 21st August 2019, settlers of Mekhola were seen building a new outpost in Al-Faresiya -Wad Al-Malih. With the protection of the occupation forces, a group of settlers raided Al-Faresiya location, and carried on leveling a plot , and installing Israeli flags , they also brought a water reservoir and two caravans and occupied the location.

The new outpost is located to the east of “Sal’it” settlement , and to the north of  “Al-Faresiya” community , it was built after the occupation imposed control over the area , and prohibited farmers from reaching the area for security claims.

Photos 1-5: The new outpost [1]

The attached aerial map

The Israeli occupation considers the targeted area government properties , after the Israeli occupation forces took over it in 1972 , and announced a closed military zone, and prohibited agricultural activities in the area . The land was left and became postures, but in the recent five years , settlers intensified their activities in the area and prohibited Palestinian  farmers from accessing the plot.

After the construction of the new outpost , settlers gangs took over more than 150 dunums of postures east Wadi Al-Malih.

Noteworthy, same settlers gang took over another location in Khirbet Al-Faw at the northern Jordan Valley early July , after they opened a road and planted some trees at the locations.

Al-Malih village council head “Mahdi Daraghmeh” told LRC reporter : “ such settlers activities aim to take over more and more postures , which means that there is a shortage of postures , and decline in the locations that are available for Palestinians “.

Khirbet Al-Faresiya:[2]

Khirbet Al-Faresiya is located to the eastern side of Tubas governorate, especially in Wadi Al-Malih area about 20 km away from Tubas city, the lands of the Khirbet range  from At-Tayaseer check point west to the Jordan river east.

Al-Faresiya now has a total population of 181 people “2017 census” , but before Israel occupied West Bank in 1967 , Al-Faresiya had a population of 1000 people who depend mainly on agriculture and cattle breading for living.

People of Al-Farisiya descend from Bsharat, Dababat , and Daraghmeh families from Tubas and Tamoun , people of the Khirbet live in basic residences built of zinc and other basic materials.

The khirbet was known of water springs and rich soil which made it an attraction to number of farmers from the West Bank.

Noteworthy, Khirbet Al-Faresiya was targeted of demolition by the occupation forces several times  , its residences went through forcible displacement , and the occupation is refusing to license their structures until this day.

[1] source: Peace Now website



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