Destroying and confiscating water pipes in Ein Al-Bayda village / Tubas Governorate

Destroying and confiscating water pipes in Ein Al-Bayda village / Tubas Governorate


  • Violation: Destroying water pipes.
  • Location: Ein Al-Bayda village / east the northern Jordan Valley.
  • Date: 07/08/2019.
  • Perpetrator: The Israeli occupation  civil administration.
  • Victims : Two families from Faqha clan.


The Israeli occupation forces accompanied by a vehicle from the civil administration raided the western entrance of Ein Al-Bayda village towards bypass 90, The occupation forces used sharp tools to cut water pipes and confiscate its parts , those pipes belong to citizen (Nahel Faqha) and his brother (Wael Faqha) from Ein Al-Bayda.

According to the occupation forces, the Israeli Occupation civil administration is accusing farmers of stealing water from Israel? While the Israeli authorities laid their hands on natural water springs of Ein Al-Bayda and prohibited farmers of the area from using them.

The following table shows more information about the victims:

Nature of the damages

About the targeted plot

Area in dunums

Number of family members

Affected citizen

Destroying and confiscating an internal water network (2600 *1/4 inches)

Planted with vegetables



Nahel Faqha

Destroying and confiscating water pipes (150 m *3 inches)

Planted with grapes and vegetables



Wael Faqha






Source : Firsthand field observation – Israeli violations monitoring section – LRC , July 2019



Photos 1-7: The targeted plot and water network

Photo 8: the sabotaged water networks

Human Rights activist Fares Faqha told LRC:

“In the recent five years , the Israeli National Water company “Mekorot” reduced Ein Al-Bayda village water share to about 70 % of the total share, under several pretext one of them is water shortage and lowerof the table level in the Jordan river , that lead number of farmers to dig water harvesting pools to irrigate their crops , in addition to a water harvesting project implemented by PARC , but the occupation halted most of these projects , which pushed number of farmers to dig random cisterns to collect water, that was followed by an operation from the occupation that targeted all water pipes and networks and confiscating their parts.”

According to Ein Al-Bayda village council head Mustafa Faqha :

“The Israeli occupation declined water share for Ein Al-Bayda to 245 m3/ a day, which affected 2000 dunums of agricultural lands , that are now completely damaged . The allocated water does not fulfill the daily need of Ein Al-Bayda population of 1067 people, thus it is impossible to cover the agricultural sector”.

Ein al-Baida :[1]

The village is 18km to the east of Tubas;  it totals around 70,000 dunums, 11,000 of which are agricultural where 668 dunums are the village’s built-up area.

1650 people are the total population of Ein al-Baida, 60% of which come originally from refugee origins and are distributed on the areas of al-Sakut, al-Himih and al-Deir as two main families namely (Daraghmah and Fuqha)

Of the agricultural lands, an area of 5,000 dunums is only used by farmers where 6,000 dunums are confiscated and given to colonists by the occupation.

The rest of the village’s area is unused and declared as closed military zones and military training camps by the occupation.





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