The occupation authorities confiscated 1604 dunums north Ramallah

The occupation authorities confiscated 1604 dunums north Ramallah


  • Violation : Confiscation of lands.
  • Location: Kubar, Beitillu and Al-Mazra’a  Al-Gharbiya west Ramallah.
  • Date: 26/05/2019.
  • Perpetrators: The Israeli occupation civil administration – government properties department.
  • Victims: the mentioned villages.


26th may 2019, the Israeli occupation authorities through the government properties department and its director “Yousi Sajal” with the so called blue line committee, modified the borders of government properties in Kubar, Beitillu and Al-Mazra’a Al-Gharbiya through the confiscation of 245 new dunums and releasing 135 dunums that were confiscated in 1983.

Noteworthy, the blue line committee was formed 7 years ago with a staff from the civil administration specialized in lands and area calculation , their main mission is to redraw the Israeli government properties map in the West Bank in order to confiscate more lands.

The lands confiscated in 1983 are in the following locations:

Kubar village: natural block 1 Batn Al-Basit location , Aj-Jahran , Hariqat As-Selsal, Khallet Al-Burkan.

Beitillu village : natural block 1 Kafr Qassoum location, Dhohour Maron.

  • Natural block 2 : Ein Al-Balad , Adh-Dhyahour and Aj-Jazawi locations.
  • Natural block 9 Umm Sqaif and Ein Jame’a locations.

Al-Mazra’a Al-gharbiya : natural block 2 Wad Mohammad location , Natural block 3 Wad Al-Shami location.

Photos 1-3: the targeted lands

About the new plan , Izzat Badran the regional building and organization committee head north west Ramallah , and Kubar village council head told LRC the following :

 “ in 1983 the Israeli occupation government properties officer issued a military order to confiscate 1489 dunums from the three mentioned villages , on the pretext that the area is state properties according to the Ottoman law that says that an unused land for ten years becomes a government property , despite that there are several farmers that possess Ottoman ownership deeds . The owners objected in the same year but the occupation court refused and imposed high fines to review the confiscation resolution (about 1 million NIS) .

In 1985 , settlers in coordination with the civil administration  established “Nahlaiel” settlement on part of those lands , which reflects the occupation’s original intention in confiscating Palestinian properties under ambiguous claims, then using them in colonial expansion.

We recently discovered that the Israeli so called blue line committee completed its mission in February 2019 and recommended the following: releasing 135 dunums (Yellow), 245 dunums are government properties (red) ,m and keeping 1359 dunums stayed without changing.

Noteworthy, most of the targeted lands are olive groves 45% most of them are aging olive trees.

According to Kubar village council , the confiscated lands (red) are in natural blocks (5,4,7,6) in pieces ( Al-Baten , Hariqat As-Sanasel , Aj-Jahran) . Noteworthy , the lands belong to farmers from Beitillu and Kubar with Ottoman ownership deeds , and they are (Vladimir Al-Barghuthi , ‘Arafat Falheen , Khalil Shanan , Lutfi Nassar , Khalid Abu Al-Haj, Mu’amar Al-Barghuthi , Saher Al-Barghuthio , Nael Al-Barghuthi , heirs of Ahmad Al-Barghuthi , Sadah Al-Barghuthi , Nather Al-Barghuthi, Ma’arouf Yousif, Jihad Al-Barghuthi , Aktham Al-Barghuthi, heirs of Dakhil Al-Barghuthi and Khader Shinan.

Ayed Marar from Colonization  and wall resistance commission told LRC reporter: “ The owners of the targeted lands are calling to object to the Israeli authorities within 45 days , in the coming days we will  give an answer”.


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