The Israeli occupation army lay their hands on a grazing area / Tubas governorate

The Israeli occupation army lay their hands on a grazing area / Tubas governorate


  • Violation: confiscation of 283 dunums of lands.
  • Location: Samra and Makhoul Hamlets – Al-Malih / Tubas governorate.
  • Date: 2nd April 2019.
  • Perpetrator: The Israeli occupation army.
  • Victims: landowners and farmers in the area.


The Israeli occupation army commander in West Bank “Nedav Alof” issued a military order to lay hands on 283.15 dunums from the northern Jordan Valley area, west Makhoul and Samra hamlets , close to bypass 578.

According to the military order (T/3/19), the occupation’s army will lay their hands on the lands from Tubas for “Military claims” until 2021 , the order is renewable.

Photo 1-6: The military order and the attached map

Photo 7-8: The targeted location


Natural block

Piece number



“0” road between pieces, 10


“0” road between pieces ,5,9-13,11-15


“0” road between pieces , 10.1-12, 14-16


“0”  road between pieces , 1-2 , 32


Reportedly, the targeted location is a grazing area , and have been used recently for Israeli military trainings , and as a parking for the Israeli army’s heavy machineries. In Fact,the area is a private Palestinian property for families from : Dababat, Anabsa, Abu Mutawe’a and Daraghma.

Mutaz Bsharat, the responsible on colonization file in Tubas governorate told LRC reporter: “The targeted area is privately owned by Palestinian farmers , but recently the occupation prohibited them from investing in their lands, and transformed the area into closed military zones for military activities and trainings.”

Bsharat asserted: “It’s likely that the occupation will expand “Saorah” military camp in the recently confiscated lands , which will impose more difficulties on the area’s people.”

Noteworthy, the occupation’s military camps, settlements and  outposts devour about (4240 dunums) from Tubas and the northern Jordan valley lands which together have an area of about 402 km2, while military training camps take over about 2162 dunums.

It is also important to mention , In addition to their built up area, Israeli illegal settlements are surrounded by a “security” zone, Which they call “a closed military zone”, the Palestinian owners of such areas are not allowed to enter them without coordination . These “closed zones” are tens thousands of dunums, while there are about 1845 Illegal settlers in Tubas (census in 2014).



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