Settlers vandalize Palestinian properties in Iskaka village / Salfit governorate

Settlers vandalize Palestinian properties in Iskaka village / Salfit governorate


  • Violation: vandalizing car tire and writing hatred inciting slogans.
  • Location: Iskaka village / East Salfit city.
  • Date: 14/02/2019.
  • Perpetrator: price tag gang.
  • Victims: number of families from the village.


A group of price tag gangsters sneaked into the western block of Iskaka village and vandalized several Palestinian properties.

Colonists’ break-ins and arson attacks on Palestinians in the suburb areas are meant to terror and harass Palestinian citizens to push them out of their areas. The most vicious attack was the torching of Dawabsheh family while sleeping on August 2015, the same group of gangsters carried out many attacks in Salfit governorate varying from cutting down aging trees to shutting down agricultural roads and confiscating vast area of lands to serve the colonial expansion in the area. The following table shows more about the attack:



Car type

The damages


Ayman Harb

Rhino 1986

Vandalizing 3 tires


Abdullah Hussain

Mazda 2002

Vandalizing 2 tires


Marwan Harb

Volkswagen Kadi  2014

Vandalizing 4 tires


Sufian Harb

Opel Kadett1986

Vandalizing 2 tires


Mohammad Talib Harb

Skoda 2006

Vandalizing 4 tires


Hindi Lami

Hyundai Accent 2014

Vandalizing 4 tires


Tamer Lami

Mercedes 2006

Vandalizing 3 tires


Abdul Halim Lami

Mercedes Bus 2006

Writing hatred inciting slogans


Fadi Lami

Opel Astra 1999

Vandalizing 2 tires


Mohammad Khaleel Harb

Volkswagen 2016

Writing hatred inciting slogans and Vandalizing 4 tires


Mohammad Munir Harb

Peugeot 406  / 2001

Vandalizing 4 tires


Yunis Lami

Hyundai 2002

Writing hatred inciting slogans and Vandalizing 4 tires


Rafat Lami

Hyundai accent 2006

Vandalizing 4 tires


Mahmoud Harb

Ford 208

Vandalizing 3 tires

Source: first hand field observation – Israeli violations monitoring section – LRC , February 2019


Gangsters of such type are reported taught the ideology of far- right wing parties in Israel. “Hatred for Arabs” and “kill them all” are some of their slogans. In spite of all the complaints charged through Palestinian cooperation to the Israeli government, the last party did not do anything to stop these assaults


The village of Iskaka is located 4 kilometers east of the city of Salfit on a top of a hill overlooking the nearby village of Yasouf. According to the PCBS’s 2007 census, the population of Iskaka is about 1230. The main clans of the village are Harb, Taher, Lami, Hameida in addition to some smaller clans the roots of whom can be traced to the village of Al Teira located in the 1948 Palestine. The total area of the village is about 18,000 dunums while its built-up area is 600 dunum. 


[1] GIS- LRC


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