The Israeli occupation army implanted new military base in “As-Sweid’a”

The Israeli occupation army implanted new military base in “As-Sweid’a”

  • Violation: New military base.
  • Location: “As-Sweid’a” in the northern Jordan Valley area,
  • Date: August 01 – 2018.
  • Perpetrator: Israeli occupation army.


August 01-2018 , The occupation army carried out leveling areas of land in As-Sweida hamlet northern the Jordan valley area preparing for a new military zone serves the Israeli occupation army, this comes along with opening new military roads that connect the mentiond military zone to near bypass roads.

Field observations shows that the targeted lands have an area of 25 dunums  in addition to surrounding dirt roads. Noteworthy that the targeted area belong to As-Sweida’ hamlet whose residents were completely evicted in 1967, after a while the Israeli occupation government labeled the targeted lands as state’s property.

Human-rights activist Aref Daraghmeh told LRC observer: Implanting this new military zone will close hundreds of surrounding dunums and prohibit herding in surrounding lands, especially As-Suweida’a and Mazokah areas. the occupation for security claims, prohibit Plestinian farmers and herders from using such areas with colonial activities.

Photos 1+2 : The new military zone.

According to the Colonization and wall resistance Commission the Palestinian Jordan Valley has an area of 720000 dunums, 400,000 dunums are military closed zones contain 90 military location, and Palestinians are not allowed to practice agricultural or residential activities within the mentioned area. This causes the dispersion of Palestinian lands and facilitates the Zionist mission to confiscate Palestinian lands.