Demolition of Martyr Mohammad Dar Yusif family home in Kubar village / Ramallah governorate

Demolition of Martyr Mohammad Dar Yusif family home in Kubar village / Ramallah governorate
  • Violation: demolishing a home.
  • Location: Kubar village, north Ramallah.
  • Date: August 29 -2018.
  • Perpetrator: The Israeli occupation army.
  • Victims: Martyr Mohammad Dar Yusif families.


In the early morning hours of Wednesday August 29, The Israeli occupation army headed to Martyr Mohammad Dar Yusif family home in Kubar village and completely destroyed it.

Field observation shows that the house consists of one floor 155 m2, and inhabited by 9 members, 4 of them are children.

Owner of the house Tariq Dar Yusif (55 years) told LRC observer:

“In July 27, The Occupation army commander verbally informed me that my house will be demolished, after my son was accused of harming settlers and killed by the Israeli occupation army, in the beginning of August we filed a petition to the Israeli Supreme Court through a Human- rights institution. The courts decree was revealed in august 19, the petition was refused and they demolished the house in August 29”

“We rented a small home for the family, until with God’s help we build a new one”

Photo 1-4 : Dar Yusif family home after the demolition

It is important to point out that the occupation had demolished 13 residences and facilities under the pretext of security in 2018, 12 of them are in Jenin governorate:

  • (5) Residences demolished in Jenin city.
  • (1) Residence demolished in Barta’a Ash-Sharqiyeh.
  • (1) Residential room was filled of Baton in Qabatiya village.
  • (5) Facilities were demolished in Burqin village (2 agricultural barracks, 2 water wells, 1 store house).

The occupation authorities issue military orders with the title (demolishing the place or confiscate…) against families of Palestinians who the Israeli authorities claim that they resist the occupation, following the British mandate of Palestine law 119 of year 1945, knowing that this unjust law was cancelled before 1948. The demolition is a collective punishment against the family of the accused person, the whole family becomes homeless, and nearby structures are harmed.

LRC observes that the occupation demolition policy is a collective punishment practiced against families of martyrs and prisoners. The occupation claims that these are policies to stop Palestinians from practicing any sort of resistance against the occupation or illegal settlers. On the other hand, settlers commit crimes constantly against Palestinians, like burning Ad-Dawabsha family, and run over Palestinian women and children with their cars especially in areas close to the settlements, cutting and uprooting thousands of trees yearly other than stealing lands for colonial expansion, all these assaults are protected by the Israeli army , while Palestinians who try to defend their properties and children are subjected of solo and collective punishments, Israeli occupation even unjustifiably accuse Palestinians of resistance in case they needed to demolish their homes for their colonial projects.

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