The Israeli occupation distributes stop-work orders in Barta’a village- Jenin Governorate

The Israeli occupation distributes stop-work orders in Barta’a village- Jenin Governorate
  • Violation: Issuing stop-work orders against 17 commercial and residential structures
  • Date: 09 /07/2018
  • Location: Barta’a village- Jenin governorate
  • Perpetrators: The Israeli occupation Planning and Construction Committee
  • Victims: 17 Palestinian families


Barta’a town isolated behind the Apartheid wall is targeted by Occupation’s constant assaults, the occupation impose many obstacles and obstruct the infrastructural development of the town which made live in the area nearly impossible.

The Planning and Construction Committee handed 17 Palestinian families from Barta’a stop-work orders against their residential and commercial structures close to the truce line 1948, under the pretext of unlicensed construction in an area classified “C” according to Oslo Accords.

August 6, 2018 was set as the hearing session of the Inspection Sub-Committee in the Israeli Court of Beit El to consider whether to demolish the notified structures or restore their previous status.

As usual, Israeli Occupation Authorities claim that affected citizen can apply for building permits but make it clear that they don’t necessarily grant such permits for them.

Ahmad Qabhe mayor of Barta’a municipality told LRC observer:

“Barta’a municipality hired lawyer Tawfeeq Jabareen to follow up the case in the Israeli court. Qabhq pointed out that the occupation refuses to give any building permissions on the purpose of clearing out the town for their colonial projects”

Waheed Qabha member of the rural council in Barta’a told LRC observer:

 “Barta’a is one of the Palestinian towns isolated behind the apartheid wall, most of the constructions of the town have received stop work orders, the occupation add difficulties on people’s lives to make them leave the town, knowing that the commercial and industrial workshops of the town provide income for hundreds of Palestinian families inside and outside Barta’a”. The table gives information about the threatened structures:

Affected villager Family members Under 18 Threatened structures Type of structure Area m2 Military order photo
Basim Qabha 7 4 1 Gas station 50 201973 1
Zaki Qabha 10 4 1 One-floor inhabited home 100 201971 2
Ahmad Yazeed Qabha 2 0 3 Steel sheets garage (for repairing cars) 480 206556 3
Azmi Qabha 3 1 1 One-floor inhabited home 90 206553 4
Khalid Qabha 5 3 1 two-floor inhabited home 180 206561 5
Ahmad Abdul-Ruhman Qabha 5 3 1 Carpentry shop built of steel sheets 250 206554 6
Fareed Qabha 4 2 1 An office built of steel sheets 100 201972 7
Yusif Qabha 4 2 1 Stores built of steel sheets 200 201974 8
Mohammad Qabha 5 2 2 2-floors under construction home 200 201970 9
Abdul-Malik Qabha 7 4 2 2 floors inhabited home 180 206558 10
Ibrahim Qabha 4 0 1 Store built of bricks and Beton 350 206560 11
Ahmad Mara’e 11 6 1 Stores built of steel sheets 350 206559 12
Abdul-Hameed Qabha 7 5 1 One-floor inhabited house 150 206562     13
Mahmoud Zaki 6 2 6 Commercial strores 200 206551 14
Sa’ad Qubha 3 1 1 One-floor inhabited house 160 206557 15
Yazeed Qabha 8 0 1 One-floor inhabited house 180 206555 16
Adham Qabha 8 3 1 One-floor inhabited house 160 206552 17
total 99 42 26 3380

Source: Field observation- Israeli violations monitoring section -LRC

So far, more than 260 structures are under the Israeli demolition radar; 26 has already been demolished. The Israelis claim that it is done on the pretext that the target structures are built in areas classified ‘C’; however, the true purpose is evicting the Palestinian residents to empty the lands.

The village of Barta’a Ash-Sharqiya is located 30 km east of Jenin city and stands on a total area of 11104 dunums, including 781.8 dunums that constitute the built up area. According to Oslo II Interim Agreement of 1995, the Village’s lands are classified into areas ‘B’ & ‘C’; where 9987 dunums, 89.9% of the total village area is classified as area ‘C’, while the remaining area, 932 dunums, 10.1% of the total village area, is classified as area‘B’. From the north, its bordered by the 1949 Armistice Line (Green Line), from the south, it is bordered by Qiqis and Dhahr El ‘Abed villages. As from the east, it is bordered by Rihan Israeli settlement and from the west, it is also bordered by the 1949 Armistice Line (Green Line). According to Barta’a rural council  in 2015 the village has a total population of 3900 people .

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