Final demolition order on Al-Mu’arrajat School / West Jericho

Final demolition order on Al-Mu’arrajat School / West Jericho

  • Violation: serving final demolition order of a school
  • Location: Al-Mu’arrajat area- north Jericho city
  • Date:  July 03, 2018
  • Perpetrators: legal inspecting Committee- Israel Civil Administration
  • Victims: Al-Mu’arrajat Bedouins.


Bedouin communities in Jericho area are neglected and under severe Israeli assaults, The occupation impose obstacles on Bedouins movement and take away basic life needs in more than 33 community in Jericho governorate. In July 03, 2018, the Israeli Occupation Authorities issued a final demolition order for Al-Mu’arrajat School in Al-Mu’arrajat brdouin community on the pretext of unlicensed construction. The orders said that the structures were built before acquiring proper permits and demanded immediate stoppage of construction. They also set 7 days from the day of receiving to demolish the school, before the occupation carries out the demolition on the expense of people of the area.

The occupation claim sending a stop-work military order to the school in June, while the school’s directors negated receiving such military orders.

The targeted school consists of 4 rooms built of steel sheets with an area of (60 m2), used as classrooms, and another (16 m2) steel sheets room used as a principle and teachers rooms. It is worthy mentioning that the school serves 43 students, and employs four teachers and a principle. It was opened in 2015, and notified to stop the construction in October of the same year.

 The Israeli occupation refused to grant permission for the school on the pretext of “illegal construction”

Photos 1-3 : Al-Mu’arrajat Bedouins and the notified school .

Photo 4 : The military order.

Villager Ali Ka’abneh described targeting the school as an attempt to clear out the area from its people and told LRC observer:

” Al-Mu’arrajat Bedouins school was built to facilitate lives of the area residents, especially children who had to go all the way to Al A’uja school, which imposed hardship on them and wasted their time, The Idea of the school with the simplest possibilities was to facilitate their lives.

Sabah Rashad director of colonization file in Jericho described the demolishing as an ethnic cleansing policy: “This school is a method to strengthen the existence of Palestinian in this atmosphere of violent conflict over land and the occupation’s denial of Palestinians basic rights, what is going on the ground is an attempt to clear out the land to achieve colonial projects, In the recent year the community was targeted by many Israeli assaults and violations”

Al-Mu’arrajat Bedouins are originally from Beer Sheva area they were displaced from their home in the Nakba 1948 towards south Hebron areas, Later on, number of them immigrated to Jericho areas.

  Al-Muarrajat community has a population of 230 people who live with the least of live possibilities and struggle against the difficulties of their lives, and the difficulties imposed by the occupation including confiscating their tents.


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