Fanatic colonists torch crops in Khallet Ad-Daba’ / Hebron governorate

Fanatic colonists torch crops in Khallet Ad-Daba’ / Hebron governorate

Violation: Torching crops.

Date: May – 3-2018.

Location: Khallet Ad-Daba’ – Yatta/ Hebron governorate.

Perpetrators: Settlers.

Victims: Ali Dababsa’s family.


In a new settlers assaults, in May 3 , settlers torched crops belong to Ali Dababsa (32), the affected told LRC observer:

“About 11:00 pm, I was shocked to see my Vetches crops on fire (50 m) from our home, I called some my brothers and we went there with portable fire extinguishers to kill the fire, later on, we called The Palestinian civil defense and other friends from Al-Mufqara to help us, the fire stopped only after it ate the whole crops.

When we headed to the land I saw 6 to 7 people running away from the location, one of them had a weapon on his back, they went towards “Maon” settlement about 3 kilometers away from Khallet Ad-Dabaa, Dababsa noticed a vehicles waiting for the settlers to get in  started the engine and ran away.”

Noteworthy, Dababsa lost the work of 20 days, this crop was cultivated to use as feed for his cattle for a whole year.


About Khallet Al-Dubbae:[1]

It is located to the east of Yatta town and is considered one of the communities of the Masafer Yatta area. The hamlet populates 100 residents, who live off of agriculture and livestock husbandry.

Khallet Al-Dubbae is run by Masafer Yatta village council. The hamlet is linked to Yatta town by an unpaved road.

A view from Khallet Ad-Daba’




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