Expanding “Hallmish” settlement / Ramallah governorate

Expanding “Hallmish” settlement / Ramallah governorate

  • Violation: Adding number of mobile houses south “Halmish” Illegal settlement.
  • Location: Deir Nitham and An-Nabi Saleh north Ramallah city.
  • Date: The beginning of May 2018.
  • Perpetrator: Halmish Israeli Illegal settlement.
  • Victim: Villagers of the mentioned towns.


In the beginning of May, The Israeli occupation brought 9 mobile caravans to the eastern side of “Halmish” settlement close to the Bypass road that leads to Deir Ammar, Al-Janeia and Bitillu as preparation to expand the built up area of the settlement.

Photos 1-2: The new caravans in “Hallmish” settlement.

“Halmish” settlement is supported by the so called Israeli Settlements Council in West Bank, the occupation continue expanding the Illegal settlement and securing it, Naji Tamimi head of rural council of An-Nabi Saleh told LRC observer:

“Recently , we were surprised to see a vehicle from The so called “State’s properties services”, holding number of colored maps of areas surrounding “Halmish” settlement, obviously there is an Israeli scheme to change the area and draw new borders and expand settlement’s of the area especially “Hallmish””

About the new caravans, Tamimi added:”We were seeing this coming, The Israeli Illegal settlers insist to expand “Hallmish” settlement, by adding more mobile caravans and expanding the built-up area”

Eyad Haddad Anti – Colonization activists in Ramallah said that recently the occupation silently distributes mobile caravans in several settlements attending to expand them without announcement, in order to gradually Judaize the area”

About Halmish:

The colony was founded on lands from the villages of al-Nabi Saleh and Deir Nitham, east Ramallah governorate. Halmish’s total land area is 340 dunums and is inhabited by 1300 colonists(2008).

The colony accommodates a elementary school, a library, a dental clinic, a clinic, a swimming pool, a school of religion, and a hall;  trainings for preparing Jewish youth before getting into the military are usually conducted in the colony. (source: Palestine’s Martyr association


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