Israeli colonists establish new outpost east Hebron Governorate

Israeli colonists establish new outpost east Hebron Governorate
  • Violation:  establishing illegal outpost
  • Location:  Thugrat Al-Abid- Hebron
  • Date: March 05, 2018
  • Perpetrators:  Israeli fanatic colonists
  • Victims:  citizens of Hebron


Colonists of Qiryat Arbaa established on  March 05, 2018 a new colonial outpost on confiscated Palestinian lands in east Hebron governorate. Reportedly, a group of colonists broke into a parcel of land in the area known as "Thugrat Al-Abid", ravaged it and installed Israeli flags, banners and water cisterns. By noon, Israeli trucks brought four caravans that were later installed in the area with the help of Israeli Occupation Forces. At time, owners of the lands were not allowed to access their property.

Photos 1- 10: colonists at time of establishing the outpost


It is worth mentioning that the new outpost is located opposite to Qiryat Arbaa and Kharsine colonies. The outpost is founded on confiscated lands with a total area of 40 dunums that belong to Eideh family from Hebron. Palestinians fear colonial expansion. Colonists take over lands and then install caravans on them as the first step for takeover and expansion.

It is reported that colonists' interest in the recently targeted lands began in the eighties. Israeli Occupation Authorities banned owners entry and access to their lands. At the other hand, colonists attacked those lands and uprooted olive seedlings from there. Kharsine colony has been and is still undergoing rapid expansion at the expense of Palestinian lands from Hebron governorate.


Photos 11+12: the expansion works in Kharsine colony



Prepared by
 The Land Research Center