Israel to build new segment of the annexation wall in Beit El colony

Israel to build new segment of the annexation wall in Beit El colony


  • Violation:  new segment of the wall
  • Location:  AL-Bireh area and Al-Jalazun refugee camp
  • Date: February, 2018
  • Perpetrators: Israeli Occupation Forces
  • Victims:  owners of lands


The Palestinian family of Hamed, a victim of "Apartheid"

Sixty meters from the apartheid fence surrounding Beit El colony from Al-Jalazun refugee camp side, three Palestinian families reside in a house that became besieged after the Israeli Occupation Authorities completed the construction of a segment of the annexation wall from the southern and western part of the area.

Hamad family found themselves trapped by the annexation and expansion wall in the periphery of Beit El colony, which threatens their and their kids' lives.

Land Research Center visited the affected family, who said the following:

" We live in this area since 1977, we bought a land with Israeli registration papers and built a 210m2 house on it. At time, the occupation tried to deter us from building, claiming that a colony will be established in the area but we finished the construction of our house after obtaining a decision from Beit El court.  Noteworthy, Beit El colony was just a military camp at time but was transformed into a colony in 1979".

He added:

" Today, I live with my eight member family  and the families of my two brothers Husam ( eight members including three children) and Hazem (six members including four children) in the residence and we all feel the siege that is imposed on us".


Photos 1-2: the targeted residence


Hakam also said that the families' members cannot go out after sunset, fearing colonists attacks and assaults. They live in constant fear and lack of safety.

Reportedly, the house is 210m2 in area and is home for three families. Noteworthy, Israel Civil Administration threatened the owners several times of demolition and banned them from rehabilitating the house.

It should be noted that colonists took over Ahmad Hassouneh's house that is adjacent to the recently targeted house after the owner died.

The house is now tightly besieged from all sides and isolated from the Palestinian periphery. Residents of the house cannot access their structure but through a gate in the wall that is controlled by surveillance cameras and soldiers around the clock.


Photos 3-4: the only entrance to Hamed's house in the wall


On August 21, 2017, the Israeli government approved the construction of wall segment (1.5 km) that travels by the Al-Bireh- Jalazun road. According to the occupation, the wall will prevent Palestinians from belting stones at Beit El colony, especially the inhabited areas. The plan cost around 5.5 million NIS.

According to the Human Rights researcher, Eyad Haddad, the wall already isolated 170 dunums from the lands of Al-Bireh city and Dura Al-Qari' village and besieged Hamed's house.



Photos 4-6: the newly established wall in Beit El periphery


About Beit El:

Beit El was established in 1979 over lands with a total area of 2400 dunums.

It holds within a number of springs and the Jews claim that "God promised Abraham of staying in the area" and that is the reason for calling it Beit El or the house of God.

Beit El is located  20 km to the north of Jerusalem; the Jews claim that it has been built on the ruins of an old Jewish city.

The colony has expanded to become as large as a city holding a number of factories, educational institutions, medical clinics, etc. it is now inhabited by over 6000 colonists




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 The Land Research Center

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