Stop-work and demolition orders in Birin hamlet.

Stop-work and demolition orders in Birin hamlet.



  • Violation: Stop-work and demolition orders.
  • Date: December 27, 2017.
  • Location: Birin hamlet / Bani Na'im / Hebron.
  • Perpetrators: The Israeli occupation's civil administration.
  • Victim: Villagers of Birin Hamlet.


The Israeli occupation authorities sent military stop-work military orders and final demolition orders to houses and constructions in Birin Hamlet on the pretext of building without permissions.

People of Birin hamlet told LRC observer that a vehicle belongs to The Israeli illegal civil administration broke into the hamlet this afternoon, and the inspecting officer wrote military orders and stuck it on the subjected buildings, took pictures of them and left the area.

First: Stop work military orders subjected the following buildings:

  1. Birin primary school:

The occupation delivered a stop-work military order on the pretext of building without permissions, to 4 classrooms built of steel sheets and of an area of 80 m2.

Picture 1: military order for Birin primary school.

Pictures 2+3 : The threatened classrooms.


  1. Birin mosque:

The occupation delivered a stop-work military order to a mosque that was built on the villagers' expenses in 2015, and has a total area of 80 m2 .


Picture 4: military order for Beren mosque.

Picture 5: The threatened mosque.

  1. Birin medical clinic: has received an order to stop working, it is built of steel sheets and was granted by (ACF) organization, and has a total area of 50 m2, The clinic serves people of Khirbet-Beren, a doctor from UNRWA attends the clinic every Tuesday and gives medical services, all people of Birin Hamlet are registered as refugees in UNRWA.

Picture 6: military order for a medical clinic.

Picture 7: the threatened medical center.

  1. House of Fareed Dawoud Burqan:

He received an order to stop building on the pretext of building without permission, and it is build since 2015 of Baton , has an area of 140m2 , and inhabited by family of 6 members , 4 of them re children.


Picture 8: military order for villager Fareed Burqan.

Picture 9: The threatened home.


  1. House of Sameer Musa Azazmeh: He received an order to stop building a 30m2 home, it is built of bricks and inhabited by 12 members , 9 of them are children.
  2. House of Nidal Yousif Burqan: The house is still under construction, but received an order to stop the process; it is built of bricks with an area of 30 m2, and was going to be inhabited by 5 members, 3 of them area children.

Picture 10: military order for citizen Nidal Burqan.

Picture 11: The threatened home.


The military order mentions that the inspecting subcommittee will hold a session in illegal settlement's "Beit El" court and discuss wither to demolish the place or return it to its previous status.

Final Demolition orders:

The following citizens received final demolition orders, orders request to demolish their houses with their own hands within 7 days or the illegal military forces will demolish it on their own expenses.

  1. Dheeb Mrezeiq Al-Faqeer: has received a final order to demolish his home that has an area of 80 m2 and built of bricks, it is inhabited by 6 members, 4 of them area children.

Picture 12: The demolition order for Dhib Al-Faqeer.

Picture 13: The threatened house.

  1. Citizen Nemr Mreiziq Al Faqir: has received a final military order to demolish his 90 m2 home, and inhabited by a family of 5 members, 3 of them are children.

Picture 14: demolition order for villager Nemr Al-Faqir.

Picture 15: the threatened home.


  1. Yousif Mohammad Al-Ajlouni: has received a demolition order for a house of bricks and a steel-sheets sealing, has an area of 25 m2, inhabited by 5 members , 3 of them are children. the demolition order also subjected the retaining walls in a  land  for the same villager (2 dunums)

Picture 16: A demolition order for yousif Al-Ajlouni.

Picture 17+18: the threatened house and land.                 


Birin hamlet[1]:

It is located to the southwest of Bani Na’im village and is inhabited by 300 people. The hamlet is edged by Bani Haiver colony from the east and the bypass road no. 60 from the west. Residents of the area were expelled from Negev area and now depend on agriculture and livestock husbandry as main sources of income. The hamlet accommodates one only primary school (1st- 7th grades). Birin (two water wells) was named after two water wells founded in the area.

Picture 19: A view of the hamlet.

Like all Palestinian communities in area C, the hamlet is a subject of settlers' assaults, Illegal colonists of "Pane Hever" have built an outpost close to the hamlet and it is continuously growing.

Picture 20 :Pane Hever illegal settlement.



For more information about Illegal colonists assaults in Birin Hamlet, read:



[1] GIS- LRC



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