Israel to establish new outpost west Ni’ma colony in Jericho

Israel to establish new outpost west Ni’ma colony in Jericho


  • Violation: establishing new outpost
  • Location: Nuwei'ma area
  • Date:  September 01, 2017
  • Perpetrators: fanatic colonists
  • Victims:  resident of the area


 Within a new colonial plan aiming at taking over the area of Palestinian Jordan Valley for the favor of colonial expansion, a group of fanatic colonists set up on September 01, 2017 a caravan atop of a hill nearby the bypass road number 90. Noteworthy, the area is adjacent to Ni'ma colony that is founded confiscated lands from Nuwei'ma area.

According to field follow-up, colonists set up a caravan and a fence that surrounded 18 dunums with a sign that reads "Rose of Jericho" to indicate the new outpost.

Photo 1: the name sign of the outpost

Photos 2-3: the new outpost


It should be noted that the targeted lands are classified, according to the occupation, as "state lands". Such lands are declared inaccessible for Palestinian owners on claims of them being "closed military zone", "military training location" and "state lands".

About Nuwei'ma:

2 km to the east of Jericho city, the village is edged by Auja from the north, Deir Dibwan village from the west, the Jordan River from the east and Jericho from the west.

The village has a total land area of 66, 218 dunums, 264 dunums of which are considered built-up area.  It has a total population of 1650 people until 2014.

The occupation confiscated an area of 5264 dunums from the village as detailed below:

  • 5188 dunums were confiscated by Ni'ma colony that was established in 1979.
  • 76 dunums were confiscated for the favor of the bypass road number 90.
  • 1076 dunums were confiscated to establish military camps

Beit Leed lands are classified, according to Oslo Accords, as follows:

  • 14963dunums are classified as areas A
  • 51255 dunums are classified as areas C



Prepared by
 The Land Research Center