Israeli colonist demolish residential tent and sabotage water tanks in Tubas governorate

Israeli colonist demolish residential tent and sabotage water tanks in Tubas governorate


  • Violation: demolition and sabotaging
  • Location:  Samra Hamlet- Tubas governorate
  • Date: June 02, 2017
  • Perpetrators: Maskiyyot colonists
  • Victims: Yasir Abu Iram


On June 02, 2017 a group of fanatic colonists from Maskiyyot sneaked into Samra hamlet and sabotaged seven water cisterns (1m3 each) using sharp tools. Noteworthy, the tanks were used to provide water for sheep.

In addition, colonists demolished a shed (16m2) that was used to shelter the sheep of affected citizen Yasir Abu Iram.

It should be noted that Abu Iram is the head of a seven member family and owns 80 sheep that are considered his main source of income. The attack on the citizen is one of many cases that the area's residents face by the Israeli government, which aims at emptying the Palestinian Jordan Valley areas for the favor of colonial plans.

The area of Palestinian Jordan Valley is currently witnessing escalation at the level of colonial expansion. Three outpost are being established in three different areas., where Palestinian people get constantly harassed and attacked by colonists and Israeli soldiers.

About Samra hamlet:

It is founded 21km to the southeast of Tubas governorate ; more specifically in the parcel number 12 of the natural block number 258.

Noteworthy, the 56 members of this community live a primitive life lacking water, electricity and infrastructure. All of the families of the area come originally from Tubas and do possess ownership documents on their lands and properties.

It should be marked that the hamlet is surrounded by two military camps for the Israeli occupation army; the area has been declared as a closed military


Photos 1-3: signs of the demolition caused by colonists.

Photos courtesy : Atef Daraghmah


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