Israeli Occupation Forces ravage lands ad uproot palm trees in Jericho

Israeli Occupation Forces ravage lands ad uproot palm trees in Jericho


  • Violation: ravaging lands and uprooting trees
  • Location:  Um- Al-Ibar area\ Al-Zbeidat village
  • Date: April 05, 2017
  • Perpetrators: Israeli Occupation Forces
  • Victims:  nine Palestinian families


 Israeli Occupation Forces and Israel Civil Administration raided the area of Um Al-Ibar, east AL-Zbeidat village in Jericho governorate and ravaged 18 agricultural dunums that are planted with water melon and a variety of cucumber. Not only, the attacking dozers  ravaged and demolished a 360meter water irrigation network used in the area.

It should be noted that the targeted lands are located nearby the Israeli bypass road number 90. The lands founded in the area are classified as  "Tabo"; registered with full Palestinian ownership. Yet the occupation claims the area as "state land".

More specifically, the targeted farm belongs to citizen Hussein Abu Shaddad; it is the main source of income for his nine member family and other three families that work in the farm.

Photos 1-5: the farm of Abu Shaddad after being ravaged

Uprooting 420 palm trees:

In the same day, dozers of the occupation moved 1km to the east and uprooted 420 palm trees that were planted one year ago.

The targeted land belongs to farmer Mohammad Al-Zbeidat ; it is registered as "Tabo" ownership. The land is also reported to be the source of income for Mohammad's family and that it has always been agriculturally used.

Photos 6-12:  the holes caused by uprooting the trees

It is reported that Israeli Occupation Forces moved the uprooted trees to a nearby colony to be planted there. No confiscation notices were given to the affected owner.

Since 1967 , the Israeli occupation worked day and night to take over al-ghoor area and its natural resources by all possible means even those that violate human rights. Thus, it declared the whole area (720,000 dunums) as the eastern border with Jordan. Minister of Labor Yegal Alon once said: “In order to integrate the safety of the country and its Judaism , the Jordan river must be drawn as the eastern border of Israel”.

To achieve that, the occupation transformed vast areas into military training camps (400,000 dunums) and established 97 military bases. In addition to that, pastoral areas nearby Bedouin communities were changed into landmines fields, leaving Bedouins; especially kids under imminent danger.

About AL- Zbeidat:

Zbeidat is located 39 km to the north of Jericho edging the Jordan River. It was called Zbeidat because Zbeidat family settled there after being removed from Beer Shiva after the Israeli Occupation in 1948.

The village total area is 4123 dunums including 131 dunums of built up area, inhabited by around 1500 people (2009 census). 99 % of the village area are classified as area 'C' according to Oslo, the rest are classified 'B'. Colonists captured 48 dunums of the village lands to erupt Arjman colony in 1970; the colony is now inhabited by 180 colonists.

It is worthy to me mention that any application for a construction permit is deemed unsuccessful for 'security reasons'. In 2009, the Israeli Occupation Authorities served the villagers 17 stop-work orders. In 2010, more than 50 trees were uprooted for the enlargement of bypass '90'.


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 The Land Research Center

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