Israeli colonists sabotage  olive trees in Mikhmas village

Israeli colonists sabotage  olive trees in Mikhmas village

 Violation: Rendering partial damage to 43 trees
Location: Mikhmas village- Jerusalem governorate
Date: April 09, 2017
Perpetrators: Colonists of Kohav Yacoub
Victims: Farmer Alaa Al-Hajj


On April 09, 2017, a group of colonists from Kohav Yacoub sneaked into Mikhmas village, particularly in an area, west of the colony where they used sharp tools in cutting down and destroying 300 perennial olive trees, estimated to be at least 40 years old, rendering them partially damaged as a result.

This incident is not one of a kind, such attacks have been recurring and carried out during the past six years by the same group of colonists. Noteworthy, such policy aim at displacing indigenous people and emptying the area for the favor of colonial expansion plans.

Reportedly, the attacked land and trees belong to farmer Alaa Al-Hajj, who cultivated the trees 35 years ago.

And though farmers coordinate with the Israeli occupation authorities before being able to get access to their property, neither colonists nor the Israeli army spare them from being attacked along with their lands and trees.


Photos 1-7: the destroyed trees by colonists of Kohav Yacoub in Mikhmas

Mikhmas in lines:

11.5 kilometer away from Jerusalem, Mikhmas is one of the villages of the governorate and is located to the northeast of  the West Bank city of Ramallah.

It is surrounded by Deir Dibwan (east and north), Jaba' (south), and Burqa (west).


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