Demolition order on water supply pipeline and confiscation of a vehicle

Demolition order on water supply pipeline and confiscation of a vehicle


  • Violation: threatening of demolition and confiscation
  • Location: Sahel Al-Bikai'a- Tubas governorate
  • Date: April 23, 2017
  • Perpetrators: Planning and Construction Committee- Israel Civil Administration
  • Victims: Al- Bikai'a Agricultural company and citizen Husam Amer


The so-called  Planning and Construction Committee- Israel Civil Administration      delivered on April 23, 2017 Al- Bikai'a Agricultural Company a military demolition order, which targeted the water supply pipeline (1000m *6inch) that serves 120 dunums of irrigated crops and 35 dunums of protected crops.

According to the order number 201632, the affected owners were given a seven day deadline to dismantle the pipeline and restore the previous status of the area.

Photo 1: the targeted pipeline

The order number 201632


An officer from the company, Ahmad Abu Khaizaran told Land Research Center the following:" The occupation notified the same pipeline of stop-work on July 28, 2016. Despite hiring a lawyer to follow up on the case, the Israeli occupation still refuses to license the pipeline"

It is reported that the Israeli occupation tends to notify water pipelines and demolish others that serve Bedouin communities that are most vulnerable to harass and push residents out of their lands.

Confiscation of private car:

Israeli occupation Forces confiscated on April 20, 20117 a 1992 Mercedes truck while being present in the area of Sahel Al- Bikai'a. The vehicle was used to move sheep in the area; it belongs to citizen Husam Amer, who supports a six member family including 3 minors.

The military order

It should be noted that occupation claimed that the truck was present in "closed military zone". When confiscated, the truck was moved to a nearby military camp. During 2017, the Israeli occupation confiscated eight tractors and other agricultural machineries from the area on the claim of them being in "closed military zone". According to the data of Palestine Media Center, more than 400,000,dunums of the total area of Palestinian Jordan Valley (720,000 dunums) are classified as "closed military zone". This means that any Palestinian activity in the area is banned.


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