Israeli occupation authorities organize annual Marathon in Jerusalem

Israeli occupation authorities organize annual Marathon in Jerusalem


The occupation authorities organized on March 17, 2017  the Jerusalem International Marathon for the 7th consecutive year in the street of Jerusalem supported by the occupation municipality, Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Sports. As a result to the event, a number of roads in east Jerusalem were closed from midnight. The event took place at seven in the morning and lasted until 13:30 afternoon.

At time of the Marathon, big numbers of police members deployed in the streets and neighborhoods of Jerusalem, imposing movement restrictions on Palestinian passers-by and residents. According to resources, 30,000 colonists participated in the Marathon, of whom a big number came from abroad.

It is reported  that a protest was organized on Friday to hinder worshipers to reach Al-Aqsa mosque to hold the prayers. Thus, tens protested to deliver a message saying the city of Jerusalem is an Arab Palestinian city and not unified as the occupation authorities claim. Israel police chased protesters and assaulted some of them.

It should be noted that this activity comes within the Israel policy to Judaize and "Israelize" the city of Jerusalem.



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