Israeli Occupation Forces to demolish a school in Tana hamlet

Israeli Occupation Forces to demolish a school in Tana hamlet


  • Violation: threatening  a school of demolition
  • Location:  Tana hamlet- Nablus governorate
  • Date:  February 27, 2017
  • Perpetrators: Israeli Occupation Forces
  • Victims: residents of the area


The court of Beit El colony for planning and construction rejected on February 27, 2017 the construction license of Tana school  on the claim of it being located in closed military zone. The lawyer responsible of the school case was informed by the court that the school must be dismantled within a seven day deadline.

It should be noted that the school is a 60m2 caravan and was opened in December 2016 with funds from USAID. It was implemented through GVC organization to accommodate 20 students from the area.

1-3: The targeted school

It should also be noted that the school was demolished 6 times during the past couple of years. Every time the school gets demolished, students move to receive education in an old house called "the house of the old man" until the school is re-constructed.

Photo 4-6: the court order

A teacher at Tana school said the following:

" I have been teaching in Tana school for three years. Kids live in fear and instability in this area. Not only the occupation demolishes the hamlet every now and then, but it also targets the school, which is their only breather"

It should be reported that Tana hamlet gets demolished based on a military order made by Israel Supreme Court in 2008.

Khirbet Tana has a total land area of 6000 dunums that are all classified as  area "C" according to Oslo Accords. One third of Tana's lands was confiscated for the favor of Mekhora and Jetit colonies.

Despite the fact that the hamlet is founded before the occupation itself, the Civil Administration still refuses to allow citizens to expand and construct on their lands. Most of the hamlet's residents live in houses built by bricks and metal slaps, tents and caves. Tana hamlet accommodates a mosque and a single school.

It should be marked that Tana underwent thirteen demolition operations since 2005.

Israel Civil Administration is reported to reject developmental master plans for the hamlet where the neighboring colonies of Mekhora and Jetit enjoy all such privileges denied for Palestinians. As a result, the hamlet of Tana is still "Unrecognized" despite the ownership documents residents have on their lands and properties.


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