Israeli Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory- October 2016

Israeli Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory- October 2016


During the month of October 2016, the occupied West Bank and Gaza strip witnessed a drastic increase in the Israeli violations against the Palestinians.  The Israeli Occupation Army aimed to storm and search tens of Palestinian houses and commercial stores, led to clashes with the Palestinians, and causing the injury of tens of young men, arrest of hundreds and death of others.

Moreover the occupied West Bank witnessed the continuation of closure in several towns and villages, these led to obstruct the movement of Palestinians. Also, the month of October, reported the highest number of attacks carried out by the Israeli settlers.

Moreover, the Israeli Army and settlers worked together to destroy the Palestinian environment and to narrow the diphtheria on the Palestinian farmers within the olive harvest season, where hundreds of olive, almond trees were destroyed, tens of agricultural lands were razed, and several roads were closed, and tens of farmers prevented form reaching their land to harvest olive trees.

In addition to the Israeli punishment policies on the ground, the Israeli Authorities still moving forward in the construction of new housing units to expand the illegal Israeli settlements, by imposing more of their control over the Palestinian lands to implement their colonial projects.

Where on the 1st of October 2016, the Israeli high committee of Building and planning in the Israeli Civil Administration approved a new plan to establish a new illegal settlement on Palestinian land located at the eastern part of Shilo settlement, south of Nablus Governorate. According to the plan that was approved by the Israeli Authorities, 98 new housing units to be constructed in the new settlement location, which these housing units part of a large plan to build 300 housing units in the aforementioned  location. Complementing the implementation of this scheme, the Israeli Civil Administration submitted the regional Plan No. 205/3/1 that targeted Palestinian land in Jalud village, south of Nablus city, where the land located at the eastern parts of Shilo and Shuvt Rahel settlements. According to the Israeli announcement, the Israeli Authorities seek to change the status of the land from agricultural area to area used for the construction of housing units, public and commercial buildings, open areas and road networks.

And on the 8th of October 2016, the Israeli weekly newspaper of “Kol Ha’ir” revealed that the Israeli construction company “Tsarvi Shomron” sold out the buildings in Tsarvi project in the illegal Israeli settlement of Har Homa, south of Jerusalem city. Where according to the newspaper, the project implemented on 4.5 dunums of land and seek to construct 142 new housing units distributed on 3 buildings, where each one consist of 9 floors.

While on the 16th of October 2016, the Kool Ha’ir Israeli newspaper revealed also, that the Israeli construction company of “Euro Israel” sold out the third building within “Euro building project” in Neve Yacov settlement, north of Jerusalem city, where this project seeks to build 78 housing units distributed on 4 buildings, each building consist of 9 floors.  More than that , the Euro Israel Company declared that they sold out 64 housing units, and the implementation  of the first stage in the project (the first two buildings) nearing completion. Furthermore, the Euro Israel company implemented three projects in several illegal Israeli settlements, where they implemented the construction of 122 housing units in Har Homa settlement (south of Jerusalem city), 24 housing units in Pisgat Ze’ev settlement (north of Jerusalem city), 78 housing units in Neve Yacov settlement (north of Jerusalem city, 32 housing units in Ariel settlement (north of Salfit city), and 96 housing units in Modi’in settlement (west of Ramallah city).

Additionally, the so-called A . Haroun construction company declared that they sold out 21 housing units within “Habrit” project in Pisgat Ze’ev settlement (north of Jerusalem city), where in total about 65 housing units will be constructed within this project distributed on 3 buildings. Moreover, the company also declared, that they will implement  a project in Gilo settlement (south of Jerusalem city) to construct 88 housing units, where the tenders will publish during the next few months.

In parallel ,the Israeli construction company of “Nove Himna’in” implemented  a commercial project at the entrance of Mishor Adumim settlement (east of Jerusalem city), where the new project will construct on 72 dunums of lands with invest reach to NIS 350 million, and it will include three Purchases areas, wedding hall, restaurant areas and parks.

Israeli settlers intensified their attacks during the month of October 2016 to reach more than 75 attacks 

The Israeli settlers escorted by the Israeli Occupation Army carried out 76 attacks against Palestinians and their properties and the religious sites in all over the Palestinian governorates.

The most affected governorate was Jerusalem, where the Israeli settlers attacks reach to 29 attacks. While in Nablus Governorate about 16 attacks were reported. In addition about 10 attacks were reported in Hebron Governorate, and 8 attacks in Salfit Governorate.


Regarding the type of the Israeli settlers attacks, they varied between storming religious and Historic sites, where about 34 attacks were reported, assaulting Palestinians reach to 15 attacks, one of these was when an Israeli settler hit by his vehicle a Palestinian old-man and his wife and son at the entrance of Qalqiliyah city, where later on, the Palestinian old man was died of the wounds he sustained.

 Moreover, the Settlement Monitoring department in the Applied Research Institute reported the settlement and colonial activities carried out by the Israeli settlers, represented by occupying Palestinian land to establish new illegal outpost, expanding the existing settlements and outposts, where these type of attacks reach to 11 attacks, where one of these was when the Israeli settlers established new illegal outpost on the land in Khirbet Tell Al Himma area in the northern of Jordan Valley. The  Israeli settlers set up a number of mobile houses and tents and link the new location with water and electricity networks, noted that the targeted land area reach to 300 dunums of land.


Demolition Campaign coninued… Israeli bulldozes demolished 34 houses and 38 structures 

During the month of October 2016, the Israeli Occupation bulldozers demolished 34 houses and 38 structures (commercial stores, animal sheds, water wells, etc) in several areas in occupied West Bank, under the pretext  of the lacking of building permits.

The Palestinian communities located in the Jordan valley areas in Tubas Governorate exposed to a wide demolition campaign, where the Israeli Occupation bulldozers demolished in total 13 residential tents and 26 structures. In Khirbet Ar Ras Al Ahmar area in the northern of Jordan Valley, the Israeli bulldozers demolished 10 residential tents and 17 animal sheds and agricultural structures. While in Khirbet Ad Deir, 3 tents and 8 structures were demolished. Furthermore, the Israeli bulldozers razed and destroyed a 2 kilometers road in Khirbet Al Hadidiya area.

In Jerusalem Governorate, the Israeli Occupation bulldozers demolished 19 houses and 3 structures, distributed as follow: a house in As Sa’diya neighborhood in the old city of Jerusalem, two graves  in Bab Ar Rahma cemetery in the old city, demolished and confiscated a tent used as a class room in Abu Nuwara Bedouin community, east of Al Eaziriya town, east of Jerusalem city, also they demolished 3 tents in a Bedouin community in Hizma town, north of Jerusalem city, 8 tents in Al Karshan Bedouin community in Al Khan Al Ahmar area, near Ma’aleh Adumim settlement, which located at the eastern part of Jerusalem city. Moreover, the Israeli bulldozers demolished a 2-storey building consists of 4 residential apartments in Silwan town, and 3 houses in Beit Hanina town, north of Jerusalem city.


Israeli Occupation Authorities issued military orders to demolish 9 houses and structures

In addition to the demolition campaign carried out by the Israeli Authorities during the month of October 2016, the Israeli Authorities also, issued demolition/halt construction orders that targeted 9 houses and structures, and as usual, under the pretext  of the lacking of building permits.

Where in Hebron Governorate, the Israeli Civil Administration issued demolition/halt construction orders that targeted 4 houses and structures: two houses in Yatta town, south of Hebron city, and a house and blot of land in Ad Dirat area, east of Yatta town.

While in Nablus Governorate, the Israeli Civil Administration issued demolition/ halt construction orders that targeted 4 houses and structures. Where the Israeli Authorities issued halt construction orders that targeted  a house, a park and retaining wall in Frush Beit Dajan village, southeast of Nablus Governorate. The Israeli Authorities issued a closure order that targeted the second floor in a Palestinian building in Balata refugee camp, east of Nablus city.  

Also the Israeli Occupation Authorities issued a halt construction order that targeted a road in Az Zawiya village, west of Salfit city.

During the olive harvest season.. the Israeli Army and settlers uprooted and destroyed more than 785 trees

From the beginning of the olive harvest season on the month of October, the Israeli Occupation Army and settlers choked on the Palestinian farmers whose lands i located near the illegal Israeli settlements in the occupies West Bank. Where the Palestinian farmers exposed to several kinds of Israeli attacks, such as arresting, bitten, shooting and preventing them from entering their land. In addition, the Israeli Army and settlers destroyed, uprooted and torched about 786 trees, of which 616 olive trees, 155 almond trees and 15 grape trees.

The most effected governorate was Hebron, where the Israeli Occupation Army razed tens dunums of Palestinian agricultural lands causing the destruction and uprooting of 715 trees. Where in Beit Ula town, 615 trees were uprooted (450 olive trees, 150 almond trees, and 15 grape trees). And in Khursa town, the Israeli bulldozers razed and uprooted 100 trees (95 olive trees, and 5 almond trees).

In Ramallah and Al Bireh Governorate, the Israeli Occupation Army stormed Silwd town, northeast of Ramallah city, and fired stun grenades at Palestinian agricultural land, causing the torch of 30 olive trees.

While in Qalqiliyah Governorate,  the Israeli Occupation Army fired stun grenades at agricultural land in Kafr Qaddum village, east of Qalqiliyah city, and torched 23 olive trees.

And in Bethlehem Governorate, the Israeli settlers uprooted and destroyed 18 olive trees in Nahhalin village, west of Bethlehem city.



The closure of Gaza Strip

The Israeli Authorities still imposing its prolonged blockade over the Gaza strip. Where the Israeli Occupation Authorities,   and on a daily basis, breached the truce which was signed between the Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip and the Israeli Government, sponsored by Egypt, at the end of the Israeli war against Gaza strip in Summer 2014. Where the Israeli Occupation Army stationed alongside of Gaza strip border, opened fire at Palestinians while they were in areas located near the border fence.  Also the Israeli Army opened fire at the Palestinian houses and land located near the border fence, while the Israeli jeeps and bulldozers staged into these area and razed vast area of land.

Furthermore,  the Israeli Occupation Navy and warships stationed near the Palestinian shores of Gaza strip, attacked, on a daily basis, the Palestinian fishermen, while they were fishing, by opening fire at them,  arresting  fishermen and confiscating their boats, even though they do not exceed 3 nautical miles.

Concerning the Gaza strip terminals, which entirely controlled by the Israeli Occupation Authorities, the Israeli authorities stationed at these terminals systematically arresting the Palestinians during their crossing to these terminals. Moreover, the Israeli Authorities stationed at these terminals strictly controlling  the exchange of foodstuffs goods and services from and to the Gaza strip, and preventing the entering of the construction materials, to re-build what the Israeli war on Summer 2016 were destroyed.


Prepared By  
The Applied Research Institute – Jerusalem


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