A project in the Israeli Knesset to annex Maale Adummim colony to Jerusalem city

A project in the Israeli Knesset to annex Maale Adummim colony to Jerusalem city


On July 17, 2016, the so-called "Lobby for Greater Israel" showed interest in submitting a project for votes in the Israeli Knesset  to annex the colony of Maale Adummim to Jerusalem city. This project comes in time with the vicious wave of attacks and violations that Israel is conducting on the city to Judiaze it.

If implemented, the project will confiscate a vast area of lands in the periphery of Maale Adummim colony. The target lands will be located in Al-Eizariya and Abu Dis towns. Noteworthy, such plan of annexation contradicts with the international.

It should be marked that the government of the occupation seeks to annex as much area as possible to the state of Israel. In 1967, Israel occupied 35% of the total area of east Jerusalem; the area is now a location for many Israeli colonies that never stopped expanding and taking over lands from the nearby. This caused a state of non-stop takeover of lands that reached out the lands of the West Bank, creating  a de facto on the ground that will likely eliminate any chance of negotiation in future talks

Maale Adummim:

It was established in 1975 on confiscated lands from Al-Eizariya , Al-Sawahreh Al-Sharqiya and Abu Dis towns. The colony populates 27,259 colonists on a total built-up area of 5624 dunums.

Jabal AL-Baba Bedouin community threatened of eviction due to the colony's expansion



Location map of Maale Adummim



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