Israeli occupation Police hinders the burial of a Jerusalemite

Israeli occupation Police hinders the burial of a Jerusalemite


A massive force from Israel Police attacked on May 11, 2016 a group of people at time of moving the casket of late Jamila Al-Aour to be buried in Bab Al-Rahama cemetery that is adjacent to the eastern wall of Al-Aqsa mosque.


It should be marked that Policemen arrived to the cemetery from the southern entrance, which overlooks Silwan village and deployed in the area. When mourners arrived, Policemen fired stun-grenades at them, closed the cemetery and banned them from burying the lady, claiming the burial area confiscated by the occupation. Thirty minutes later and after making sure that the tomb is not located in confiscated area, policemen allowed mourners to proceed to the burial. It should be marked that this is not the first time Israel Police attacks mourners in that cemetery of Silwan. 

It is reported that the so-called Israel Nature Authority on August 2015 broke into the cemetery and grabbed a seven dunum land to be used in the implementation of the so-called Talmudic Parks plan. The confiscated plot was marked by specific signs.

The case of Bab Al-Rahama Islamic cemetery dates back to the year 1995 when the area was declared as property of "Ha'okel" Fund , which claims Jerusalem's surrounding as Jewish monuments.

In 2004, the Godfather of Colonization, Areh King, filed a complaint against Israel Police, Israel Antiquities Authority, Prime Minister and Israel Nature Authority for letting Palestinians bury their dead in that cemetery. The court ruled to stop building new tombs and to ban burying new dead people in the plot in addition to demolishing the 30 unused tombs there.

Israel Municipality in Jerusalem claimed that the confiscation of the cemetery came to implement Public Parks and Gardens project. Thus, Palestine Ministry of Endowment filed a law case to Israel Supreme Court, ordering stop-work until the situation is sorted out  by the court. As a result, all bodies including the municipality, Nature Authority and  Muslims were denied making any change in the cemetery including burial acts.

It is reported that the cemetery is registered as "Tabo" or Ottoman Land Registration and has ownership documents and official maps. The cemetery is edged by Lion's Gate from the north, and the street leading to Dung Gate from the south.


Land Research Center sees that the attack violates and dishonors the sanctity of the dead in a cemetery that dates back 1400 years in time. Noteworthy, the responsible of the cemetery told Land Research Center that some tombs belong to people who lived in the era of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).


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