Israeli Occupation Forces demolish two commercial barracks in Jenin

Israeli Occupation Forces demolish two commercial barracks in Jenin



  • Violation: demolition of structures
  • Location:  Barta'a village- Jenin
  • Date:  April 14, 2016
  • Perpetrators: Israeli Occupation Forces
  • Victims:  Mustafa Qubha and Basim Amarneh


A massive force from the Israeli occupation army  and some military dozers on April 14, 2016 stormed the southeastern side of Barta'a village and embarked demolishing two barracks used for storing solar panels and selling coal. The demolition was carried out on the claim of "unlicensed construction"  according to the Israeli side.

It should be marked that the demolished structures were served stop-work orders on March 2015. Not only, Israel Civil Administration served the same structures demolition orders on September 2015. The following table shows  information about the affected owners and structures:

Affected citizen



Nature of structure

Mustafa Qubha



Barrack used for storing solar panel

Basim Amarneh



Barrack used for selling coal





Source: Barta'a village council


It is also worth mentioning that the number of stop work and demolition orders served on Barta'a until today is 220. More than 28 structures were destroyed according to the data of the village council. The occupation usual pretext came under unlicensed construction within area classified C according to Oslo Accord. The real reason behind the Israeli strategy is to empty the area from citizen and harass them to leave by every possible means.

About Barta’a: 

The village of Barta’a is located 30 kilometers west of the city of Jenin. The closest town to it is Ya'bad located 1 kilometers  to the east of it. Three small hamlets surround the village including Khirbet Barta’a, Khirbet Abduallah Younis and Khirbet Al Mintar.

The Israeli Racist Isolation Wall surrounds the village from its eastern and southern sides, causing a total  separation from the West Bank.

Barta'a's master plan is around 3,500 dunums while the total area of the village is 21,000 dunums. Its population (according to the village council) is 3900 most of them belong to the Qubha clan. 

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