Israeli Occupation Forces demolish a residence in Tulkarm

Israeli Occupation Forces demolish a residence in Tulkarm


  • Violation: demolishing an under construction house
  • Location:  Dahyat Shuweika- Tulkarm
  • Date:  March 02, 2016
  • Perpetrators: Israeli Occupation Forces
  • Victims:  family of Khalil Attwani


A massive force from Israeli Occupation Forces accompanied by a military dozer raided on March 02, 2016 the neighborhood of Al-Mahdawi , west Dahyat Shuweika- Tulkarm governorate. It should be marked that the dozer embarked on demolishing a house owned by citizen Khalil Attwani from Tulkarm camp. Noteworthy, the house was still under construction and totaled 120m2 in area. Construction works on the house started in 2014; the house was supposed to be home for five members including three children.


Photo 1: view of the residence before demolition


Photos 2 & 3: the house after demolition


 It should be marked that the affected citizen was served a stop-work order on his residence on December 2014. For more information, please read the report issued by Land Research Center in this regards (Link).

At time, the affected citizen rushed to apply for a building permit but was surprised by the occupation's rejection on March 2015. Meanwhile, demolition was approved affective on security claims.

The area of Dahyet Shuweika, northwest Tulkarm governorate accommodates 15 residences and industrial workshops that are threatened of stop-work and demolition. Two houses that were still under construction got demolished; one was brought down in 2014 while the other was destructed in 2016.

Israeli orders are reported intense in the western part of Shuweika, which is nearby a segment of the apartheid wall that devoured 35% of the area's lands and isolated them behind its construction. Such lands were considered main source of income and livelihood for many families from the area.


Prepared by
 The Land Research Center

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