Israel to transform 2202.7 dunums from Salfit into “State Lands”

Israel to transform 2202.7 dunums from Salfit into “State Lands”
  • Violation: declaring 2202.7 dunums as "state lands"
  • Location: villages of south Nablus
  • Date:  March 08, 2016
  • Perpetrators: Israel Civil Administration
  • Victims:  owners of lands


The so-called Israel Civil Administration, through the responsible of State Properties, issued on March 08, 2016 a military order declaring 2202.7 agricultural dunums from Al-Sawiya, A;-Lubban Al-Sharqiya and Qaryut villages as State Lands that are to be used for the occupational ends.

According to the maps attached to the order, the seized area extends alongside Eli colony and its periphery.

1 2 3


Photos 1-3: the military order and attached maps


Photo 4: an aerial photo of the confiscated locations


Photos 5-6: Shilo and Eli colonies' expansion to connect one to the other


The following table shows information about the confiscation locations :



State Lands\ dunum

Expansion\ dunum

Excluded lands\ dunum

No. of natural block

Specific location






Number one

Al-Rahawat and Kurum Al-Qabliya

Al-Lubban Al-Sharqiya





Number two, three and one

Wad Ali, Al-Rahawat and Kurum Al-Qabliya






Number one and six

Harayiq Al-Shaikh, Al-Khawaniq, Al-Khalleh, Qal'it Al-Hamra, Al-Forn, Al-Marah Al-Gharbi, Habil Al-Khawaniq, Al-San'a , Al-Sawaja and Al-Tantur










According to the Geographical Information System department at Land Research Center, the lands declared seized by the order totaled 2202.7 dunums. On May 12, 1983, the area was declared as State Lands. Later on, 612.2 dunums were annexed to it. Not only, an extension on a confiscation validity was made for 1590.5 dunums.  All the aforementioned numbers total the currently declared number of 2202.7 dunums. Noteworthy, the order excluded around 580.1 dunums.

It should be marked that part of the targeted lands is owned by Palestinian farmers and is still used while the bigger part was confiscated years ago to build Eli colony, which is rapidly expanding on the lands of the aforementioned villages. Original owners of those lands are banned from entering and even using their own property.

The responsible of the colonization file, on the implications of the situation, told Land Research Center the following:" This plan could separate the northern part of the West Bank from its southern one through establishing a colonial bloc of settlements in the heart of the west Bank; especially after knowing that this step opens the door for colonial expansion in random places, not mentioning the ratification of Eli master plan, which included connecting the colony with others in the nearby".

He also added: " Taking over the area of archeological site of Silon and declaring it State Land is an international crime; especially after changing landmarks, conducting excavations and investing millions of Shekels to expand the area to make a touristic resort"

It should be marked that the confiscation occurred in synchronization with a similar incident of 2400 dunums seizure in the area of Dead Sea.

It is known that the Israeli occupation, since 1948, has been using fraud methods to seize and take over Palestinian lands and properties. A major method is by declaring lands as State Property ,Property of Absentees  and closed military zones. This how the occupation serves advancement of  the colonial plan in the West Bank.



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