Dozers of Israeli Occupation Forces demolish gas station and structure in Hizma town

Dozers of Israeli Occupation Forces demolish gas station and structure in Hizma town


Dozers of Israeli Occupation Forces demolished on March 03, 2016 commercial structures in Hizma town, north Jerusalem on the claim of "unlicensed construction". The demolition reached out a gas station, carwash and cars accessories shop. Noteworthy, the force confiscated equipments and materials from the demolition location as well. It should be marked that the demolished structures belong to citizen Haitham Al-Hilo from Hizma town. 

Al-Hilo told Land Research Center the following: " I, Haitham Al-Hilo, live in Hizma town and is married. My son Mahmoud, his wife and eight month daughter live with us. We all total 7 members.

In 2011, I established a gas station to live off of it; I built it on a one dunum plot that belongs to my uncles and me. I obtained a license from Palestine Ministry of Fuel PMF to open a gas station".

My sons, four workers and I used to work in the station, which cost reached 75,000 NIS as per gas pumps and 40,000 NIS as per the floor. The station also included the following structures:

  1. A 20m2 container used as an office
  2. A 180m2 room used as a store
  3. A 400m2 carwash including all equipments
  4. A 15m2 room for workers
  5. A 40m2 Cars accessories shop

He added:

" At time of establishing the gas station, a staff from Israel Civil Administration arrived at the location and delivered me a stop-work order on the claim of unlicensed construction despite I obtained an license from PMF. I then sought attorney Rushdi Ghaith, who managed to delay the demolition for months and halt it. Each time a delay takes place, I had to pay 3000 NIS for the attorney. Since that time, the amount reached 80,000 NIS.

He also added:

" I also sought an architect to design a master plan for the station so that I obtain a license from Israeli bodies. Every time I submit a licensing application to Israel Civil Administration, it gets rejected on feeble pretexts. I sought Israel Supreme Court, which delayed demolition until February 2016. Two weeks ago, it was the time of last delay of the demolition; the deadline ended before me knowing about it. I couldn’t delay the demolition this time for postponing applications in the court ended.

At midnight, a massive force from Israel Police raided the area and closed all entrances and roads, declaring it inaccessible.  Soldiers harassed passersby while two dozers embarked on demolishing the station and structures. An accompanying winch and trucks confiscated the carwash equipments, gas pumps, and other car oils from the store. Also, the force confiscated 40 small barrels of olive oil that someone asked me to store for him for a while.  The force was also to confiscate a fuel tank but failed to lift it on the truck due to its size".


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