The occupation confiscates the school of Abu Nowar Bedouin community

The occupation confiscates the school of Abu Nowar Bedouin community


A massive force from the occupation army stormed on February 20, 2016 the Bedouin community of Abu Nowar, southeast Al-Eizariya area and confiscated five caravans used as a school. Noteworthy, the caravans were donated by Action against Hunger ACF organization and were  set up two days from the confiscation operation.

It is reported that the confiscation started at late night of February 20, 2016 and lasted until early hours of dawn of the next day.

It should be marked that the Israeli force was composed of 30 military vehicle from Border Police and the Civil Administration in addition to a dozer ,four trucks, hundreds of soldiers and tens of workers.

 The caravans were composed of a first and a second grades classrooms in addition to canteen, principle's room and a kitchen. The 205m2 caravans were located within the boundaries of Abu Nowar kindergarten  that accommodates 30 kids.

The representative of the Bedouin community Abu Imad Jahaleen told Land Research Center the following:

"The Israeli Occupation Forces aim at destroying the educational sector in the Bedouin areas and try hard to ban any aid, which might improve the life conditions of such communities"

Al-Jahaleen denied receiving Stop-Work notices by Israel Civil Administration and affirmed that the attacking force left a Stop-work order and a minute of confiscation right after finishing the confiscation operation.

The educational future of the kids of Abu Nowar remain uncertain. The kids are the sole responsibility of Ministry of Education. It is unclear whether the ministry will establish a new building to accommodate the students in place of the old building, given that the area is surrounded by Maale Adummim colony from the east and a military camp from the north.

photo 1: the school facilities before confiscation

photo 2: the school at time of demolition


Photos 3+4: the school foundation after being evacuated and
a view of students playing over the rubbles of the school

photo 5: an overview of Abu Nowar community

the order number 200541 that was left after the confiscation operation

Map 1: Location of the confiscated school in Abu Nuwar community




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