The Israeli Occupation Forces demolish a car workshop in Al-Isawiya village of Jerusalem

The Israeli Occupation Forces demolish a car workshop in Al-Isawiya village of Jerusalem


A massive force from Israel Police accompanied by a staff from the municipality raided on February 01, 2016 Al-Isawiya village and delivered twenty administrative demolition orders on residences and structures in the northeastern side of the village.

A member of the village follow-up committee ,Mohammad Abu Al-Humus, told Land Research Center the following: " Workers from the municipality under the protection of Police members headed to the northeastern part of the village and took photos of structures founded there. The force then randomly delivered "unaddressed" twenty demolition orders. The affected houses belong to the families of Ilyyan, Mohammad, Mujadid and Abdelghani, taking into account that those house are registered for the municipality and that they were built 20-25 years ago, which means that they are not new construction. This measure of randomly serving demolition orders that are unaddressed to a certain owner was first used in Silwan. The orders mention a phone number to a municipality worker. The affected shall call the number for further information"

The undressed orders created a state of confusion and uncertainty among the residents of Silwan, especially those who got their residences constructed without a building permit obtained from the municipality. First conducted in Silwan, the policy reached out Isawiya village.

The administrative orders are issued in reference to the article number 212/2/65 of the Israeli Planning and Construction Law.  

Land Research Center reminds the affected people by the municipality's orders to seek human rights organizations concerned in such violations to prevent further measures and negative results.

It should be marked that Israel Police and Border Police have been conducting daily raids on AL-Isawiya village since the beginning of Al-Quds Intifada on September 2015. As a result, the entrances of the village got closed, tens of youth detained and demolition orders were issued against Palestinian residences. The said measures were taken to implement a Talmudic park in the area. For further information on that, please read the report issued by Land Research Center in this regard (ENG)


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