The occupation forces demolish a carpentry workshop and a sheep farm in Qalqiliya

The occupation forces demolish a carpentry workshop and a sheep farm in Qalqiliya


  • Violation: demolition of structures
  • Location:  Al-Funduq and Jeinsafout
  • Date: January 18, 2016
  • Perpetrators: Israeli Occupation Forces
  • Victims:  six Palestinian families


A massive force form the Israeli occupation army raided on January 18, 2016 the villages of  Al-Funduq and Jeinsafout, east Qalqiliya city. Dozers relative to the force embarked on demolishing a sheep farm and a carpentry workshop.

1. The sheep farm:

It is reported that the  demolition reached out a sheep farm in the village of Jeinsafout. The structure is an agricultural barrack (370m2). In addition, a retaining wall (60m), seven animal feeders and metal lentils were destroyed as well.

The demolished barrack is reported to accommodate 400 sheep and is owned by Abdel Fattah Rashid (67) and his four sons (Sa'd, Rashid, Fahid and Mirshid) who provide living for 34 members including 20 children.

 Abdel Fattah told Land Research Center that the demolished barrack was built in 2007 after getting his residence demolished at the same time on the claim of "unlicensed construction".

On July 2015, the barrack was notified of stop-work on the usual claim of "unlicensed construction". At time, Abdel Fattah submitted all needed documents to obtain a building permit for the Israeli court of Beit El, which stalled the process on the claim of lacking documents. In 2012, the citizen was served another stop-work order on the barrack. Again, Abdel Fattah continued the licensing procedures that the court once stalled.

On August 2015, Abdel Fattah was served a "additional opportunity to object to demolition" order following a demolition notice issued by the Planning and Construction Committee- Israel Civil Administration. As a result, the barrack was recently demolished.


Photos 1-2: the demolished barrack

2. The carpentry workshop

To the west of Al-Funduq village, the occupation forces demolished a carpentry workshop that is built by metal slaps and cement blocks . The structure is reported to be owned by citizen Saed Balyih (42). Noteworthy, the 600m2 workshop is located by the bypass road number 55, which penetrates the village.

It should be marked that the workshop is the source of income for 6 member family including 4 children.

The workshop owner asserted that he never received a stop-work notice by the Planning and Construction Committee- Israel Civil Administration, which claims serving the citizen many.

Saed's total losses were estimated of 60,000 NIS ($15,180)



Photos 3-7: the demolished carpentry workshop

About Al-Funduq:

16,682 km to the east of Qalqiliya city, Al-Funduq is located with a total land area of 890 dunums including 198 dunums of built-up area. The village is inhabited by 756 people.

About Jeinsafout:

16.938 km to southeast Qalqilya, Jeinsafout is located with a population of 2,119 people and a total area of 8,659dunums, 218 of which are built-up area. al-Funduq and Hejih towns are there from the north and Emmanuel colony from the south. As from the west, there are Kfar laqif town and the two colonies of Karmi Shomron and Navi Manhim. Part of Emmanuel colony and the towns of Fra’ta and Amatin are there from the east.

Jeinsafout went through a series of colonial assaults that affected its unique geo-political situation. Lands confiscation under the pretext of military purposes that ended up as new outpost and bypass roads, was the method by which the colonial plan was implemented.

The village is surrounded by a number of colonies such like Ammuneil, Karni Shomron,, Nevi Oranium and outposts suck like Nevi Menahim and Ramot Jil’ad. The chairman of the village council to the LRC observer said that the aforementioned colonies and outposts have been controlling more than 40% of the village total land area and that has been a hindrance of developmental plans for Jeinsafout.



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