Stop-Work order on a Hebron house

Stop-Work order on a Hebron house


  • Violation: serving stop-work order on a house
  • Location:  January 11, 2016
  • Date:  Al-Kum village- Dura town
  • Perpetrators:  Israeli Occupation Forces and Civil Administration
  • Victims:  Citizen Khalil Rujoub


The Israeli Occupation Forces delivered on January 11, 2016 a Stop-Work order on an under construction house owned by Khalil Rujoub in Al-Kum village, west Dura town on the claim of "unlicensed construction".

Rujoub (65) said that a vehicle relative to Israel Civil Administration accompanied by a patrol from the occupation army raided the area of Wad As-Suffar, west Al-Kum village and verbally informed the owner to Stop-Work. Before the force had left, the commander issued a written order stating halt on construction under the number of 200674.

The order mentioned that the structure lack proper building permits and construction works must be halted as a result. February 01, 2016 was assigned as the hearing session of the Planning and Construction Committee- Israel Civil Administration in the Israel court of Beit El colony to consider the status of the notified structures.

Photo 1: the stop-work order on Rujoub's

Photo 2: view of the targeted house


Ironically, the order pointed out the owner's right to apply for a building permit but this doesn’t mean that he will be granted one. It should be marked that construction works on the house started on December 2015 and that the house is so far uncompleted. It totals 160m2 in area and is supposed to be home for 4 members including two children.

The department of Documenting Israeli Violations at Land Research Center documented the serving of stop-work and demolition orders on twelve structures in Al-Kum village in 2012. Noteworthy, Al-Kum village is edged by the apartheid wall from the west.

Photo 3: view of the apartheid wall west of Al-Kum

About Al-Kum:

It is located to the west of Dura town and is 13km away from Hebron city. The village populates 2500 people on 4000 dunums, of which 420 are the built-up area.

The apartheid wall devoured 40 dunums from Al-Kum by 2003.

The village is edged by Suba and Humsa villages from the east, the apartheid wall from the west, Idhna town from the north and Deir Samit town from the south.


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