Itamar colonists stop work on a Nablus road

Itamar colonists stop work on a Nablus road


  • Violation: colonists stop work on a road and confiscate a dozer
  • Location:  Aqraba-Yanun- Awarta road
  • Date:  January 30, 2016
  • Perpetrators: Israeli Occupation Forces and Itamar colonists


A group of Itamar colonists accompanied by Israeli Occupation Forces on January 30, 2016 stopped work on Yanun-Aqraba road despite a written approval for work from the occupation itself.

The occupation forces assaulted a municipality worker and detained him as well as his dozer for hours. The workers, at site, were asked to head to the District of Coordination Office DCO to obtain another working permit.

It should be marked that colonists, during the second Intifada, used to pelt stones at Palestinian cars traveling from the road. Noteworthy, the road is a shortcut and saves a lot of time but Palestinians refrain from passing through it in order not to be hurt.

Recently, the municipality decided to rehabilitate the road through the Ministry of Public Works. A coordination was obtained through the Palestinian-Israeli District of Coordination Office DCO. Yet, this did not prevent colonists from banning people from using and benefiting from the road.






Prepared by
 The Land Research Center

Categories: Settlers Attacks