Israel Civil Administration notifies a water pool in Beit Ummar

Israel Civil Administration notifies a water pool in Beit Ummar


Citizen Abdelnasir Jum’a complained about colonists’ frequent attacks on his water pool, which Israel Civil Administration notified it of stop-work and construction. Jum’a (50) who lives in Beit Za’ta, northeast Beit Ummar said the following: “I used to live in Al-Arrub refugee camp. In 2010, I sold my house, moved to the area of Beit Za’ata and rented a house. I also bought a 500m2 parcel hoping that one day I will be able to build on it.

After I bought the parcel, I dug a water pool of 100m3 and built 500m2 of green houses. To my surprise, around 15 colonists came to my parcel and toured around the pool”.

Photo 1: view of the notified pool

Photo 2: the green houses on Jum’a’s land

Because I dug the pool in the rocks, colonists thought that it is archeological or ancient. Jum’a pointed out that colonists toured the place 6 times since 2010.

Citizen Jum’a asserted that Israel Civil Administration issued on November 24, 2010 a stop-work and construction order on the claim of unlicensed construction. Also, the Civil Administration came back on January 02, 2014 and served a stop-work and demolition order on the pool under the previous claim. The owner was given a one week deadline to object to the order.

Photo 3: the stop-work and construction order

The field researcher of Land Research Center visited the affected person and provided him with guidance on how o deal with the orders from a legal perspective. The researcher also guided the affected to seek St. Yves association, which works in such cases.



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