A new Israeli military base set up west Nablus city

A new Israeli military base set up west Nablus city


  • Violation: setting up a military base
  • Location:  Qusra village- Nablus
  • Date:  December 02, 2015
  • Perpetrators: the Israeli occupation army
  • Details:

In synchronization with the state of unrest that swept the West Bank and Jerusalem, the Israeli occupation army set up on December 02, 2015 a military base west Nablus city; more specifically in the area that links the governorates of Tulkarm, Nablus Qalqiliya to each other.

It should be marked that the new base accommodates a watchtower and a post for the army troops and the Border Police. The base is surrounded by cerement wall and barbed wires.

Photo 1: the new military base

It is reported that the presence of such base in the area forms a threat on lives of Palestinians at times of traveling. Also, the new base is to create a de facto and to pin down the Israel presence in the area. Since it is founded on the once-was Jit checkpoint, the Israeli occupation is likely to re-structure the checkpoint to impose control on Nablus city again.

Nablus city witnessed a suffocating siege through checkpoints set up all around its periphery. More than 6 permanent checkpoints are founded on the lands of Nablus to limit down peoples’ movement and freedom. The checkpoints are:

  1. Za’tara checkpoint: it is founded on the road linking Nablus to Ramallah
  2. Maale Afrriam checkpoint
  3. Al-Hamra checkpoint
  4. Beit Furik checkpoint
  5. The newly established military base

Noteworthy, such checkpoints suffocate the city and strike its economy.

About the Israeli checkpoints set up since the beginning of Al-Aqsa intifada in 2015, please read the following reports issued by Land Research Center:

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  2. The Israeli occupation seals off the entrance of Deir Nizam village and the Ramallah-Nablus road (Ar, Eng)
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  4. The Israeli occupation sets up an iron gate at Huwwara checkpoint south Nablus
  5. The occupation seals off the entrances of four Nablus villages


Prepared by
 The Land Research Center




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