The occupation shuts Dream radio Station in Hebron

The occupation shuts Dream radio Station in Hebron


Violation: closing a local radio station

Location:  Ras Al-Joura- Hebron

Date:  November 29, 2015

Perpetrators:  Israeli Forces

Victims:  Staff of Dream radio station


The Israeli occupation authorities on November 29, 2015 closed a media outlet in Hebron city after confiscating its equipments. It is reported that a force from the Israeli occupation raided the building in which the radio station is founded, detonated the door of the station, cut the broadcast and confiscated all equipments. The confiscated items were moved through military trucks. Noteworthy, the radio station is located in the area of Da’erat Al-Seir, north Hebron. The Israeli occupation authorities confiscated the following equipments:

  1. The transmitter
  2. Sound mixer (2)
  3. Laptops (3)
  4. Surveillance system (cameras and storage units)
  5. Telephone devices (6)
  6. Microphones (6)




Photos 1-4: signs of sabotage at the radio station


The manager of Dream radio station, Talab Al-Jabari, said that their total loss is estimated of $ 100,000. The force also served a closure military order on the radio station for a period six months. It should be marked that Dream radio station is the third media outlet to be closed in Hebron within a period of a month.

Photo 5: the closure order



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