Closing the southern entrance of Kifl Haris village of Salfit

Closing the southern entrance of Kifl Haris village of Salfit


Violation:  closing an entrance by a metal gate

Location: Kifl Haris- Salfit

Date:  November 10, 2015

Perpetrators: Israeli Forces

Victims:  residents of the village


 In a step considered a collective punishment on Palestinian civilians, the Israeli occupation forces on November 10, 2015 closed the southern entrance of Kifl Haris village through a metal gate.

It is reported that such a measure has been repeatedly undertaken by the occupation to harass the residents of the area and restrain their movement. Noteworthy, the southern entrance has been closed for 11 times on the claim of “Security Purposes” (Data of the village council). Such a claim is to secure colonists’ visit to the three religious sites founded in the village.


The closure forced the residents of the area to take a new route to reach their destinations. The route starts from the village itself through the bypass road no.5 towards Salfit city. An extra distance of 9km is what characterizes the fatiguing new route.

It should be marked that the entrance was closed in the aftermath of the second Intifada of 2000 to be reopened in 2013. Noteworthy, the entrance was opened for short periods during the 13 year closure.

Kifl Haris:

4 kilometer north of Salfit, Kifl Haris is surrounded by Deir Istiya, Zaita, Jamma'in and Haris. With a total area of 9,254 dunum, 786 of which is a built-up area of the village, Kifl Haris is inhabited by 3,248 people.

The Israeli occupation devoured 278 dunums of Kfil Haris lands for the construction of Ariel colony. Part of Samara Road was built on Kifl Haris with an area of 2, 7770 km.



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