The Israeli occupation forces detonate the residence of Al-Sa’di family in Jenin camp

The Israeli occupation forces detonate the residence of Al-Sa’di family in Jenin camp


  • Violation: detonating the house of Al-Sa’di family
  • Location:  Jenin camp
  • Date:  October 04, 2015
  • Perpetrators: Israeli occupation forces
  • Victims:  the family of Qais Al-Sa’di


Since the catastrophe of 1948, the Israeli occupation conducted the policy of home demolition to humiliate Palestinians and displace as big number of them as possible to create massive losses and damage. This policy was and is still conducted as a collective punishment on unarmed civilians. Home demolition is a grave breach of international and humanitarian laws and conventions.

It should be marked the occupation forces stormed on October 04, 2015 Jenin camp and encircled the house of Qais Al-Sa’di (24); a fugitive wanted by the occupation.

The force opened fire at the house despite knowing the presence of children inside. The family was ordered to evacuate the house in three minutes. The wife of Al-Sa’di and her two kids came out of the house to be investigated at time. The wife was threatened of kidnapping her three year son to confess the hiding place of her husband; “he is not home” was her answer.

The soldiers then fired M72 LAW rockets towards the house, causing it to burn down and get entirely damaged.



Photos 1-4: Al-Sa’di residence after being burned down and damaged

A similar incident happened a month ago north of Jenin city where the occupation forces demolished the house of Majdi Abu Al-Haija. The Israeli occupation forces, within the current Intifada of Al-Aqsa, have demolished more than ten residences, causing hundreds of women, children and elderly to become homeless.


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 The Land Research Center


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