Revava colonists clog water well with rocks and lay down landmarks to open colonial road in Deir Istiya village

Revava colonists clog water well with rocks and lay down landmarks to open colonial road in Deir Istiya village

Violation: dumping an agricultural water well

Location:  Deir Istiya village- Salfit

Date:  July 17, 2015

Perpetrators: Revava colonists

Victims:  Farmer Abdel Jabar Aqil


On the second day of the Muslim festival of Al-Fitir on July 18, 2015, farmer Abdel Jabar Aqil (68) was surprised to find out that his water well was entirely clogged with rocks by colonists.  Aqil said that colonists threw garbage, dirt and rocks into the well. Also, the perpetrators stole some agricultural equipments that were left in the nearby, Aqil said.

Farmer Aqil, about the attack, told a researcher form Land Research Center the following:

“I own a 16 dunum plot of olive groves; I used to check on my plot repeatedly for over a period of 40 years.  On the second day of Al-Fitir festival, I went to check on the land to find out that attackers damaged the well’s manhole and filled it with garbage, dirt and rocks. In addition, they stole my equipment”.


Photos 1-2: the targeted well


Aqil also said: “My father dug this well 80 years ago; it has a total volume of 60m3 and was used to provide drinking water for animals and  for irrigation as well. It is a great heritage of mine”. It should be marked that farmer Aqil was previously attacked by colonists at times of plowing and planting his lands for the sake of protecting it from futuristic takeover.

Laying down marks to open a new colonial road:

It should be marked that colonists did not only attack the well but also put marks in the area, starting from where the well is located to the new colonial quarter relative to Revava colony. Marks stretched to 900m distance; it is believed that colonists plan to open a new road, which guarantees the takeover of vast area of lands from the village.

Photo 3: some of the landmarks on the road

Wad Qana is sapped:

The valley (Wad) overlooks "Yakir" colony from the southern side and near to is "Nofim" colony. From the north side, there are three colonies surrounding the valley and they are: "Karni Shamron", "Jannat Shamron", and "Maa'ni Shamron". Also, the colony of Revava is there from the western side, not mentioning the watchposts that devour vast areas from the village.

Colonies form an obstacle in any futuristic negotiations or resettlements with the Palestinian side. Also, such colonies devour lands and confiscate vast areas to serve their own expansions.


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 The Land Research Center


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