Stop-work order on a water cistern project in the Hebron village of Imneizil

Stop-work order on a water cistern project in the Hebron village of Imneizil


Violation: stop-work order on a project

Location:  Imneizil village-Yatta

Date:  22/06/2015

Perpetrators: Israel Civil Administration and army

Victims: residents of the village


The Israeli occupation authorities on June 22, 2015 served a stop-work and construction order on a project that aims to establish a water cistern and network in the Yatta village of Imneizil. A member of Imneizil village council Imad Rasheed said that Israel Civil Administration arrived to the place and handed him out the order.

The order compelled the halt of construction works under the claim of unlicensed structures. July 23, 2015 will be assigned as the hearing session of the Inspection Sub-Committee in the Israeli court of Beit El to consider the status of the notified structures.

Photo1: the military order no.181546 that was served on the cistern


The project started by mid June2015; it was funded by USAID through ANERA association to build a cistern of 250m3 in volume and a water network for the village. According to Rasheed, the cistern will be provided with water from the Israeli company for water Mekerot through a crossing, which leads to the colony of Mezadot Yehuda. The network will then function to provide water for the villagers.


Photos 2+3: the cistern location- the digging phase

The Israeli occupation authorities insisted to change the location of the cistern from an elevated place to a lower one under the claim of the new place being close to the water providing line. This will affect the flow of water and the pumped quantities.

It should be marked that the residents of the area had to accept this only choice in fear of losing the project, taking into account that the new location chosen by the Israeli occupation is founded nearby a colony’s sewage flux.

Photo 4: the sewage water porthole


A new obstacle will face the residents of the area, which is the need to install a pump to push the water upwards to their house, given that the location of the cistern became lower than the village’s level. It should be marked that the 400 people of Imneizil village depend on catching rainwater during winter to fill the gap of water scarcity in summer times; the project will be of a great help if accomplished properly.



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