For the fifteenth year, the Israeli occupation keeps the closure on Burqa’s main entrance

For the fifteenth year, the Israeli occupation keeps the closure on Burqa’s main entrance


Violation: closure on Burqa’s entrance

Location: Burqa village- Ramallah

Perpetrators: The Israeli occupation army

Victims:  residents of Burqa


The southern main entrance of Burqa village has been closed by the Israeli occupation authorities since 2000. The entrance is considered a linking point between the village and the bypass road no. 60.

It should be marked that closing this entrance has a very negative impact on the commercial status of the area and residents’ movement rights. Burqa, as the case of other Palestinian villages, is undergoing the same Israeli plan aiming at harassing and depriving Palestinians from their basic rights.

As a result, residents of the area have to take a substitute and longer route to reach their destinations ; the route goes through the villages of Deir Diwan, Beitin, Ein Yabrud, Dura Al-Qar’ to Al-Jalazun camp and ends up in Ramallah. The change in route is believed to exceed the original route with 22km in length, not mentioning the fatigue people feel due to the long distance.

A joy that never lasted:

It should be marked that the village council of Burqa and some residents on April 2015 opened the road via a dozer owned by one of the residents in an attempt to stand up against this oppression inflected on them. The road remained opened for four days before the occupation re-closed it by dirt mounds.

Staling in the talks to re-open the road:

The road of eastern Burqa is reported to be founded before the presence of the Israeli occupation in Palestine. Noteworthy, the occupation does not respect the international law that calls on preserving the historical landmarks that are founded before the occupation but instead it works to destroy them to forge a new history of theirs.

The village council of Burqa has submitted a plea to Israel Supreme Court in regard to opening the road since the year 2008 but no result has been rendered. The court did not even consider the case under the claim of “security purposes”.

About Burqa:

The village is located 6 km to the northern east of Ramallah city and totals around 6470 dunums in area. Burqa has a total population of 2980 people, who are relative to Mi’tian and Al-Nabut families (Burqa village council).


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