Demolition threats on structures in Yatta town

Demolition threats on structures in Yatta town


Violation: serving demolition notices on three structures

Date: 10/05/2015

Location: Khirbet Wad Jheish- Yatta

Perpetrators: Israel Civil Administration and army

Victims:  citizens Khalil and Hisham Nawaj'a


 The Israeli occupation authorities on May 10, 2015 served "additional opportunity to object a demolition" orders on three structures in the area of Wad Jheish, south Yatta town in Hebron governorate.

 Khalil Nawaj'a (65) said that a vehicle relative to the Civil Administration accompanied by a force from the occupation army raided the Khirbet and hanged two orders on the notified structures. The orders mentioned giving citizens an extra chance to object a demolition and said that the Israeli occupation authorities on February 18, 2014 served "final stop-work" orders on the structures. Citizens denied receiving any order at that date.


Photos 1+2: the served orders


The structures were notified with demolition under the pretext of being built without a proper building permit. Noteworthy, the Israeli government never grant building permits for Palestinians .

It should be marked that the notified structures belong to the following citizens:

  1. Citizen Khalil Nawaj'a:  the occupation notified his tent of demolition , which is home to his six member family including 3 children. The notified 50m2 tent was established in 2013.

Photo 3: the threatened residence of Khalil


  1. Citizen Hisham Nawaj'a:  the occupation notified his tent of demolition , which is home to his 12 member family including 9 children. The notified 30m2 tent was established in 2005.

Photo 4: the threatened residence of Hisham

Also, the occupation notified a agricultural structure owned by citizen Hisham; the 20m2  structure is a sheep tent that was established in 2005.

Citizens pointed out that the sought help from the Saint Yves association to object the orders through.  They also showed concern about  the future of their families and residences.

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 The Land Research Center

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