Colonists attack Khirbet Susiya land

Colonists attack Khirbet Susiya land


Violation: attacks on lands

Date: 08/05/2015

Location:  Khirbet Susiya – Yatta town

Perpetrators: Susiya colonists

Victims:  citizen Mohammad Nawaj'a


A group of Susiya colonists on May 08, 2015 carried out an attack on the land of citizen Mohammad Nawaj'a in the area of Khirbet Susiya, leaving many olive trees damaged.

Eyewitnesses said that three colonists were seen in the  attacked lands  breaking the branches of olive trees. When one of the activists from the Wall and Colonization Resistance approached the location to document the happening, colonists fled the scene.

It is reported that colonists broke the braches of three olive trees. At that time, the activist phone called the occupation police to submit a complaint on the attack; police came later, examined the scene and asked the witness to appear before the police station in the colony of Kiryat Arbaa  on April 10, 2015.

It should be marked that the attacked land is located west to Susiya colony; colonist lately set up a small tent nearby that land. This step comes as a starting point to take over the plot. The colonial interest in the area increased after the final decision of the occupation court that approved demolishing the whole Khirbet of  Susiya.


Photos 1-2: a view of the attacked plot with the tent seen in there



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