Givat Ronen colonists sabotage 35 olive trees in Nablus

Givat Ronen colonists sabotage 35 olive trees in Nablus


Violation:  damaging olive trees        

Date: 09/03/2015

Location:  Burin village

Perpetrators: Givat Ronen colonists

Victims:   famer Ahmad  Khalifa and his son


 In synchronization with the olive harvesting season, colonists escalated their violations and attacks on Palestinian farmers and land. The olive tree has always been targeted for it stands as a symbol of steadfastness.

Burin village got a huge share of attacks and violations that are frequently carried out by colonists against famers, lands and trees. It should be marked that famers of the area fully depend on lands and agriculture as a main source of income; many residents lost their source of income due to colonists' attacks and violations.

A group of colonists from Givat Ronen – an extension for Bracha colony- on March 09, 2015 raided the area of Bab Sinya, northeast Burin and sabotaged 35 olive trees aging around 30 years; the targeted trees belong to farmer Ahamd Khalifa and his son. It should be marked that the attacked land is located within area classified B according to Oslo Accords, which goes under Palestinian control and sovereignty.


Photo 1: Givat Ronen


Previous attacks:

It should be mentioned that Givat Ronen colonists carried out many attacks on Burin lands represented in torching vast area of pastoral lands, which are located within area classified B according to Oslo Accords, not mentioning trees cutoff in numbers.

Not only that, Land Research Center documented – during 2014- a  number of vicious violations represented in  cutting down a electricity pole and  taking over an  ancient house.

Noteworthy, the outpost of Givat Ronen is an extension for Bracha colony that is located on the lands of Burin's villages , Urif and Kfar Qallil in Nablus.

Despite that Burin is classified as area B according to Oslo, which is area under Palestinian control, the Israeli occupation army always provides protection for colonists through declaring certain areas of attack "closed military zones"



Prepared by
 The Land Research Center

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