The Israeli occupation demolishes a water cistern and uproots trees in Hebron

The Israeli occupation demolishes a water cistern and uproots trees in Hebron


Violation:  demolition and uprooting on Palestinian property

Date: 24/02/2015

Location:  Khallet al- wardih / Hebron

Perpetrators: Israel Civil Administration

Victims:  citizen Mohammed  Rajabi


The Israeli occupation authorities on February 24, 2015 demolished a agricultural water cistern and destroyed olive saplings on the lands of citizen Mohammad Rajabi in the area of Khallet al-Wardih in Hebron governorate.

Rajabi said that a force from the Israeli army and the Civil Administration accompanied by a dozer raided the area from the bypass no. 60 and embarked on opening the road that leads to his land. Noteworthy, that road was closed six years ago.  The dozer  then reached out a water  cistern and  dumped it with dirt.

At time of demolition, the dozer ravaged and uprooted 10 saplings aging 3 years. When done, the dozer re-closed the road using rocks and dirt.



Photos 1+4: signs of demolition and trees uprooting


The demolished cistern( pear shaped) is of 20m3 in volume and was built  in 2012 to be used for agricultural ends. An area of 4 dunums planted with olive saplings was served by that cistern.

Rajabi also said that he found a  stop-work order served on the cistern in 2012 left by the structure; the order came under the claim of lacking building permit. The citizen also asserted that he did not object the order for the Israeli occupation authorities will not grant him a building permit; a thing that they are known for.

Left with no source of water, Rjabi said that he is obliged to buy water tanks that are expensive to irrigate his lands.


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 The Land Research Center


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