The Israeli occupation demolishes a shack and a container in Hebron

The Israeli occupation demolishes a shack and a container in Hebron


Violation:  the demolition of a container and a shack

Date: 01/02/2015

Location:  Harm er-Ramih /Hebron

Perpetrators: Israel Civil Administration

Victims:  citizen Yousef Atrash


 The Israeli occupation authorities on February 01, 2014 demolished a container, a shack and some retaining walls belonging to citizen Yoused Atrash in the area of Harm er-Ramih, east Hebron governorate.

The son of the land owner Mohammad Atrash asserted that a force from the occupation army and the Civil Administration accompanied by a bulldozer raided the area at morning, broke the plot's gate and embarked on demolishing structures.

The occupation authorities claimed serving a demolition order on the structures but citizen Atrash denied such a claim. Listed below, see some Information about the demolished structures:

  1. A container:  citizen Atrash set up this structure in his land a year ago to be used as a warehouse for some equipments. Noteworthy, Atrash's land totals 15 dunum in area.

Photo 1: view of the demolished container


  1. A shack: Atrash built this shack to be used as a resting place on his land. The structure is 30m2 in area.

Photo 2: the shack before demolition

Photo3: view of the demolished shack


  1. Retaining walls:  some retaining walls which are topped with wooden fence. The 200m wall surrounds Atrash's plot.


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